THE GIANT PEN DISCUSSION:Incessant Rape And Other Heinous Crimes In Nigeria


Hello, I am MaidenJah and along with me is Zim. we shall be your host as we deliberate on the topic below.


Zim: Few weeks ago, Uwa was a victim of rape, and it happened right inside the church; This got me thinking.

MaidenJah: What could have incited the rapist to rape her?

Judaisky: Kongi

Zim: I don’t see it that way. We have lots of runs babes out there that they can patronise sir, rather than rape that’s not even enjoyable. So I feel maybe through her ways of snubbing guys;
It can also be another factor.

MaidenJah: Could it be the idleness of the guy?

Judaisky: Some don’t have conscience and some girls are the reason why they are raped

Zim: How, Judaisky?

Judaisky: The way they dress and the words of their mouth.
I raped one girl one day because of what she wore, but in my heart sha.

ZIM: Smiles. But they just wanna live the life they want
It’s okay to admire, but in the aspect where rape comes it. What’s the apologia justification when they’re caught.
What she wore?

MaidenJah: Maybe while idle, they spend time watching too many raw movies and their emotions enraged, they’re moved and want to practicalise it.

Bowofoluwa: As regards rape
Now, few people have self control. I’m talking about both genders
High sexual immorality in our time
We have lots of prostitutes both male and female.
During the lockdown most social media post were filled with post from people wanting high sexual pleasure at that moment.
Rape is a mental thing.
Those with high sexual libido.
Women rape too.
I know of ladies that can rape guys with guns.
Rape cannot be judged about what they wear or not
It’s the mind of the offender that needs to be controlled.

Zim: Hmmm…didactic.
Some guys urge for sex is as powerful as the fist of Anthony Joshua, they can’t help it.

Oluchi: What you need is self control and discipline.

Zim: But as we keep preaching self control, they’re still raping.

Bowofoluwa: Seeing provocation of minds.
A lady’s shape even beneath large clothes can be provocative.

MaidenJah: Let’s assume it’s because they were idle, how about the fact that lock down has been eased?

Zim: I think idleness is also a factor because we didn’t hear of a rape trend when social activities were ongoing.

How would they be, when they’re busy with the ecstasy of life looking for money!?

OluGrace: The trend of rape has nothing to do with lockdown, the trend started because a lady was raped and murdered.

Statistics has it that of every 10 ladies, 4 have been raped or sexually abused before.

Zim: Gezz! Tell me you don’t mean it

Legend Xeus: whoa! This is new to me.

MaidenJah: This is another line, so after her story made headlines, people came up with stories.

Bowofoluwa: An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.

Zim: I think I saw this in Genesis 2-3.

MaidenJah: It also possible that even after lockdown, a good number lost their jobs

Bowofoluwa: Uwa’s case was targeted

MaidenJah: This is something to think about.

Agape: Not only in Nigeria,
This has been a decade issue but quite years back it reduces.. not until some weeks ago.

Agape: To me, I don’t think it’s just normal people to be doing this.
We have seen many places that even what they wore were not even covering their breast let alone their booty.

Zim: Hmmm, but it’s fashion and not a sin. If at all their dress code can lure them to be a victim, crazy dresses would have been banned for long.

Agape: We wrote messages to the government.
If the government stops it, we ourselves won’t stop it.
Just invite everyone of us here one day and check us all if there won’t be anyone with such dresses.

MaidenJah: That something is allowed, does it necessarily mean it is right?
The problem is that Nigerian laws do not recognise female rapist, the definition of rape is limited in the criminal code.

Bowofoluwa: Funny thing is some of these women will marry repented rapist or so.
That’s all I think when I see their rage.

Zim: They just wanna be beautiful and acceptable, and it’s coming back to hunt them.

Oluchi: There are a lot of things you can do when horny, idle or whatsoever. A rapist is a rapist. He needs an excuse to act.

Legend Xues: Huh? I don’t agree with you.
We shouldn’t narrow the act to males only.

MaidenJah: Ya you are right, some females are rapists too.

Zim: Can a female really rape guys to death? {just asking o}

Legend Xues: Yeah! Very well!
But not one though!
Females; It takes a packs of wolve to bring down a lion.

Agape: Most times, some will wear net cloth, you will be seeing everything. Despite this, it has never been this rampant

ProGeneral: I think the root cause of all these lies with the family. Parenting loosing its mandate.

Zim: Hmmm… So parents also have a share of the blame?

Master: I think they do here as well

Voice: Rapist knows no gender.

MaidenJah: But after all this Rape, there is no justification

Bowofoluwa: If all women were disciplined,men too will endeavour to be disciplined

Rape is caused by both dangers
But we women make men take the stigma.
Most females of today
Rage with the wrong mentality
Am a female and I can say this.

Ghost Poet: I wouldn’t succumb to the idea that it is due to the ladies’ dressings, I think it is just some of the unfortunate mishaps happening in our society nowadays, exceptions are so much that we cannot but subscribe to this heresies.

Zim: Subtopic!

What Do you think should be done to debunk rape activity,
Do you think the government should ban crazy dress code or orchestrate life imprisonment for the rapist?

Bowofoluwa: When you dress
What is the concept behind you dressing to look good.

Oluwa seun: You dress to look good in order to gain respect and not necessarily attention.

Oluchi: In the olden days when ladies tie wrappers barely covering their breast and loins, rape was uncommon, and someone is saying it’s dressing.

Most rape victims are naive girls. See the cases that trended recently, what were they wearing?

Voice: Naive? Blaming the prey and not the predator is the sign of judging the good for the bad.

Legend Xues: It depends on the part of the country!
The Yorubas don’t dress half naked so as the Hausas

Bowofoluwa: Now sex before marriage is normal to everyone and we still dress provocatively.

Bowofoluwa: I don’t support rapist
I wouldn’t at all
But it’s a thing of self control.

Agape: We should not blame anyone.
Let imagine Floyd was killed by a police, justice has never been raised.
A girl was raped and who will they raised justice for, the rapist no one knows of?

Oluchi: Rape is a crime and must be treated as such. That’s the only way people can change. Not by shielding culprits in flimsy excuses.

Bowofoluwa: Not shielding culprit
But telling preys to evolve and have defense methods

Ghost Poet: And also do we have to believe it is due to the frustration of this corona period? Then we are just some animals devoid of common sense.

I will say it is partly or majorly due to the society we are in, and the lack of training of most guys. Also, contributive factors is that undue peer pressure, like what my friend did, I too must do same which may not be right.

Damisrael: I do not support rape. But the truth is, when matters of wrongdoing occur, what should be addressed is the cause and the way forward.

Many at times, when the masses come up to attend to a matter, it is often from the perspective of sentiment and which does nothing to solve the problem.

Zim: But out of the sentiments and rants are where likely solution can be seen when legalized.

Ghost Poet: Yeah, you see this outcry of many, give it two weeks it will actually die down. We are bunch of big mouths who lack actions.

Zim: Osun state government has announced life imprisonment with hard labour to any rapist.
Isn’t this a good development?
Then, we can have a seminar with our ladies and sell some home training to them too.

Ghost Poet: You know our problem is not law making it’s enforcement of the already made law

Bowofoluwa: What if we start by protesting against women giving nude videos on social media?

Oluchi: That’s not defense dear.

Damisrael: Rape occurs as a result of a failed mentality and ideology, and for it to attract the right decision, that would require a sane society and sadly, sane societies are seriously dwindling in their numbers. So, as we have found ourselves in this dispensation, the primary action to address rape is self.

It is easy to cast blames on either the culprit or the victor which in sincerity, some of the reasons for the blames might be right, but, no matter how right they are, if we do not all at every point in time check ourselves and ensure that primary human virtues such as selfless are still with us, matters like rape will continue to occur and that is, without their solutions.

Ghost Poet: This is just it sir, no matter our much we point fingers or how fierce our rants go, some are still going do it. Why so much crimes even though there is punishments for same?

Bowofoluwa: I think all he is saying is for the society to develop character and discipline
No discipline lots of chaos.

Zim: There would always be crime commitment either big or small, intense or soft, inasmuch as there’s no proper arrangement for it.

Alkashafy: Rape occur the moment a parent say “You’re looking sexy” with stinky dresses.

Agape: Thank you! God bless you.
You get it

Zim: So we can also trace this whole issue to the parents?
Every parent wants their ward to look good and be happen. I still do not understand the fault of the parent sha o.

Alkashafy: I am A Man. In respective of my position, I advocate for right mindset for women.
Don’t you think we ignore “woman” dresses mostly.

Agape: Never! Like me, I don’t fancy what so ever how your bottom or breast is, I don’t care but once I see your uncovered laps. Otitan. (that’s all) but I’m not a rapist ooo

Bowofoluwa: I think we don’t wanna agree to our faults, like men don’t take sides with rapist.
Women will take sides with those who dresses immoral
Saying it’s not a reason
This is not a biased reasoning
I just want both genders to improve and like I always say,
Women are more stronger only if they knew the will they carry.

Alkashafy: I love your last sentence!
That has been my cry in the world of woman.

Agape: Yes; Some girls, they brought their daughters up wearing what they bought for them. I mean what themselves like to wear.

Imagine a woman that’s best and famous party attender with half shoulder, half skirts. What will they teach their daughters

Matew Dharmie: This is actually what causes the subject matter most times

Alkashafy: There were many unpleasant dresses that men do wore like (Crazy, Skippy and cultists outfit). Parents reactions to many of this men dresses are more than the female.

Zephnat: But let’s remember that this rape issue is not only done by men, women nowadays rape our men. So, if we’re discussing about this, let’s consider both genders
And women rape is more dangerous than men, or is it because men always want to keep quiet!

Alkashafy: You’re turning the table upside down.
Uhmmm! Hot Matter.

Zephnat: But am I lying?

You’re not
Even more rampant among females

Bowofoluwa: I know of situations
Where a girl drugged a guy to sleep with her. Isn’t it rape?
Getting men drunk to make them sleep with us so we can have access into their lives.

Alkashafy: I love this girl ooo! She’s saying the bitter truths.

Bowofoluwa: It’s been from old generations but a man won’t come and start raging on his faults
What he knows he could have avoided. Only a woman does that

Zephnat: Is women that sometime that is causing this rape. And in journalism, there is what we call invitation to treat; which means due to their immoral dress invite some of this taut in the street that they’re available for sex.

So, let’s stop putting much blaming on men and be sceptical in this issue of rape in order to balance the situation with objectivity.

MaidenJah: we really did well. Now it’s Prize airtime bonus
Two question must be answered together

MaidenJah: Nnaife is the husband of a protagonist in one of the most read literary works.
What is the protagonist name, books name and the authors name?

Bowofoluwa: Nnu ego
Buchi Emecheta
Joy of motherhood

Zephnat: Is because network is disturbing in my side. Well, I will hold my peace.
I hope I win next time.

MaidenJah: you will be given your gift shortly.
Thank you all for the contributions so far. We remain our humble selves; MaidenJah and Zim.
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