A Letter From The Dead~Mary Taiwo

A Letter From The Dead

“Who could be calling me by this time of the night?” I soliloquized. The room was dark, it was just me alone. I could hear voices echoing my name “Dele” but I couldn’t decipher where it was coming from.
Suddenly, there was light which made darkness to surreptitiously vanish. I stood up from my sitting position, lo and behold! I saw that a part of me was still lying on the bed while a part of me, the breathing one was standing, suspended in the air. “How come I was still lying fast asleep on the bed and the other me was floating in the air?” I thought of hallucination, phantasmagoria and Nollywood movies but the conviction was stronger than reality.
It was then it occurred to me that the part of me standing was naked.” How come?” I asked myself. I decided to fix myself back on the person sleeping since it was still me, but then I heard a vibration of a voice echoing on my ears. “Stop it, you can’t go back” I turned to the direction where the voice came from and saw a strange figure. He was like a blurry shallow shadow in a white garment. He beckoned on me to follow him, and together we walked out of the building.

The street was dark and deserted as there was no other person around. “Where are you taking me to?” I managed to ask him. “To a journey of no return” He replied. I was taken aback with eyes opened ajar. “But I am not ready to embark on any journey with you, let alone a journey of no return” I found my voice and stammered.
“You don’t have to be ready, the Maker sent me to bring you to Him,” he said grabbing my left hand. “Who is the Maker? I don’t know Him, Where does He live?” I asked rhetorically.
“Dele!” he shouted, “You mean you don’t know the Maker, your Maker? What are you going to tell Him when you meet Him, what is going to be your excuse for not knowing Him? Don’t you know He is going to be very angry with you? The seriousness in his tone so naked. I was confused, I didn’t even understand what he was talking about.
“I am sorry I have to leave you here, I can’t take you to the Maker, I can’t afford or withstand His wrath. You have to look for another guardian to lead you to Him” He said in bitterness of heart. Before I could say a word, he disappeared, leaving me to wander alone in the community of lost pilgrimages.
I was on my own now, I tried going back, but I couldn’t, it was then I remembered that he had earlier said that it was a journey of no return, which means there was no going back, I had to continue but “who is going to lead me to the Maker, who’s going to be my guardian”? I looked around, there was no one. “What excuse would I give for not knowing him” I mumbled as I walked alone on the dark and deserted street.

Mary Taiwo

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