Sex Is Bet9ja~Judaisky Cares

Sex Is Bet9ja

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For the guys that play bet9ja, how do you feel when you win and how do you feel when you lose? For you that love sex, how do you feel when you want one when the urge comes?

I have heard and seen many people travelling a long distance, just to have sex and I know you are one of them or still planning to go. Well, I am not saying it’s bad because sex is good, that’s a fact.
But the thing is, we don’t give moderation for sex again, we now have sex like animals and I don’t think we are one.
We can give anything for sex these days that we don’t even care if we are giving out our last card.
No wonder prostitution is selling very well like garri without an advert. But guys, why?
If you haven’t started at all, please try and caution yourself because it’s more or less like a ritual which will keep demanding for this and that and you can’t really opt out when you want to; it’s hard, very hard to control it when you are in already.
Some used to say, they just want to taste it and when they do, they don’t feel like letting go again, they can promise someone’s daughter heaven and earth just to satisfy their fleshy end. Some are already addicted to the extent that if they don’t have sex, they might either be sick or something else will befall them.

The urge is too much that most of us can’t control it just like the urge in bet9ja. Even when you lose, you still want to play, believing you will regain your money back. The urge for sex is one of the reasons we rape here and there. Some are now sent back to zero points because they were unable to control their urge for sex. And the ladies, they don’t care to table their body on your alter hence the money is coming.
Some ladies, after trying the first one, found it pleasurable that they wish sex should be added to our custom and tradition. Some no longer have tap but borehole, even, some have reached the premium stage which is well. They no longer feel any magic rod dividing their red sea, now no guys can really satisfy them.

Please, if you know sex is what you have come to this world for, just go and marry, we won’t mind anyhow you drill her. And for our ladies, if your body is doing you jìgìjìgì that you can’t control, go and marry and make your husband your permanent farmer, to be farming on your body.
Don’t spend your fortune now on the altar of sex because you can’t regain anything you spend on sex hence it’s not an investment.
This is just like bet9ja, you can’t be rich if you indulge yourself in playing it because the money you win will they still collect from you. If you have the mind of winning and stop playing, then you wouldn’t even have the mind of playing at all because you would think of something legal, presentable and profitable to invest your money on.
Think twice before you venture into it but my kind advice, don’t try it, don’t invest your money, your time, your sugar quoted mouth, your dignity, your toasting skills and stamina on something that Will profit to nothing.

Till I cross your path again-
I hang my pen 🖋


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