Ladies’ Behavior And The Drugs 2 A+S²

Ladies’ Behavior And The Drugs 2

I’m very sure there is no problem without a solution and there is no problem without a source. Before you even think of solving one solution or the other, you need to know the source. But at the same time, there are some chronic problems you may not know their source but apparently, there are solutions.
It’s obvious most of us are not happy in our relationship; I am talking about guys. Don’t worry, just administer this major solution A+S²; Attention, Silence and Smile.

Some ladies are very violent in nature before you say one, they have said twenty. Some are even faster than woodpecker that they won’t allow you to say anything. Some are the blaming type, they make you feel bad even on what you didn’t do.
Don’t worry, there are invisible weapons one can use to fight. You don’t just know it, know how to use it or even believe it will work.
When she’s ranting, be calm like the white dove, only smile. Anyhow she behaves, don’t argue, don’t defend yourself, just watch her dramatize with a smile all over you.
There this is a thing with ladies, they always want to be in charge, they want to be heard, pampered and the likes. When they spur on you, let it slide. Next time, they will know that they will just be wasting time if they come like they used to come. Besides, no reasonable human being wants only smile as a reply while they are ranting.
And again, there is a limit to human endurance, she can’t do more than expected of her because you haven’t taken her to the altar for “yes I do”. After all her drama and you only smiled, even when it’s paining you, they will mellow down and talk to you.

The greatest weapon of all is silence. Every lady wants that attention, they want to be pampered, in fact, they want to be your top priority. Now imagine you take that away from them.
You don’t give her attention when she talks and complains, you are always quite and when she’s done, you only say you are sorry or ok. She’s doing the prayer and you are saying the Amen.
Just imagine, you didn’t cuddle her, no sweet words, no special treatment, she will definitely come to you, to ask what’s wrong because it’s rare to see a lady that can coup with silence. The problem now is; can you do it?. When she removes her clothes, walking clad here and there, will you be able to control your eyes, your flesh, your urge? When she starves you with food, can you enter the kitchen and make something delicious for yourself and even serve her? These are their major weapon and if you are able to pretend you aren’t moved, what else, if not for them to be submissive?
Mind you, I am not saying you should use this to starve her because if she does not do anything to you and you are starving her of attention, love and care, there are many people out there who are ready to worship her. Only use this when necessary.

You don’t need to fight or give them hot as they are bringing it. You should it’s of ladies to talk and of men to act. Real men don’t gossip or meander, they reason and plan their tomorrow. If she gives you too much trouble, pretend as if she does not exist because she wouldn’t want to be ignored. If she leaves you, then she’s not meant for you. Be careful with nothing, don’t give all you have for love, you are not God. Even God that gave up His most precious treasure is somehow regretting it today so, don’t love with your heart. I repeat, don’t love with your heart, love with your head. If at all you want to give, give her what she needs, not what she wants; unless you want to prove you are a loving Romeo of our time.
For couples, we shall come up with things you need to do or avoid, to make your marriage a loving and better one.

If this piece meets you well, I would love to air your view in the comment box.

Till I cross your path again-
I hang my pen 🖋


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3 thoughts on “Ladies’ Behavior And The Drugs 2 A+S²

  1. I will say some ladies are madder than we can think of. Apologies to the ladies. Even after your silence and smile they can go a long way to ripping off your head. In short, they are insatiable. Their is no calamity greater than the trail of women.

  2. i wish this could apply to all ladies. you can never make some of them satisfied no matter what. a beautifully written piece by the way.

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