Theatre-Born Malady Saved Me~Peter Swot

Theatre-Born Malady Saved Me


Yep! This is actually funny and crazy but sometimes you need to do some crazy things in order to find yourself peace.

However, when I was going to the main part of the town to see my mum, this little girl who likes me a lot began to cry that she must follow me to the place with the bike. Her mum said I should take her with me. Okay, I allowed her, I made her sit on the tank, just in my front as we started the ride. On the way, I bought 100 naira worth of ‘Kunnu”, we drank it together and after nothing less than two minutes, she slept off in the journey to the point of losing all her body and curled up as though she was on a bed: people even saw her posture on the bike and thought she fainted. She, thus, made the bike-ride uncomfortable for me. I began to regret taking her with me. I thought of the means to get her back to her mum even with the bike.

Later, I got to meet my mum where I planned going and consequentially asked for two yards of clothes and a girdle from my mum as pictured here to wrap the little sleeping girl against my back against getting back, because I would still ride again and take the girl back to her mum. I wrapped her against my back and set off. I got to the main road and people began to laugh, I gave a wry smile too.

In the journey, a lot of people told me to straighten the head of the girl because I have no girl-like back and breasts to support the wrapping. I got to a place, a man commented “to ba ya kawon obinrin o ma sope awon nikan ni won se wahala lori omo oo” I replied “abi oo” with broad smile. He however added that “a jeun omo oo”, I said “amin o”

The pith of the idea is that, this might be funny and some can not do it but I am a proud product of Unilorin theatre, though I don’t like it much but I have been gifted the ability to see nothing as a thing of shame despite mass sight and it thus saved me from worry of how to get her to her mum with my bike

Peter Swot

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