Love Is Not A Korean Movie: For Guys~Judaisky Cares

Love Is Not A Korean Movie: For Guys

I have seen many guys, good guys turned into play boys because of what ladies did to them. I have seen able guys running away from love because they believe there is no true again, judging with their past.
Well, anything you say about love is correct based on your encounter with it. Our mentality about love these days is that ladies are after our money and ladies are with the mentality that guys are after their body.
I have guys who don’t want to have this or that to do with ladies, because they have been sucked like mosquitoes and bedbugs. But shall we because our hearts were broken suffer ourselves from what was meant for our own joy and happiness?
Come to think of it, you aren’t also perfect, you have your flaws too and you know it.
So my guy, don’t feel the world has raped you of love and you can’t find love again.

One thing is, every lady is looking for a nice guy so if you are one, it’s a bonus to you. No one wants to suffer in the name of love again and so, when you see them coming from left and right, be watchful, mindful and meticulous.
Don’t fall for beauty or makeup, don’t fall for their body because you know, guys are easily carried away by what they see.
Don’t allow them to use food to blindfold you because some ladies are very good at that, knowing a way to a man’s heart is through his belly.
Don’t allow big ass to put you where you aren’t supposed to be. Ass will fade with time and boobs will fall as time flies too, that’s when your eyes will open and by then, it must have been late for you to reverse time and correct things.
Don’t because the lady has money, you agree to follow her because of her wealth.
Love is not a physical thing and shouldn’t be judged, follow or juxtaposed by and with physical things because all the physical things aren’t everlasting but our character is.
Now love isn’t a Korean movie you can detect or predict as it starts and so, you have to open up your heart to love and receive love too.
You don’t need to chase everyone away because of that lady that broke your heart, you don’t need to cry out your balls because she took all what you have and ran away. Everybody that comes to your life is for two reasons; either a blessing or a lesson so be wise enough to be wise.
Don’t say all ladies are the same because I am very sure there are angels among them, just that we haven’t taken our time to look into them.
If you are rich, don’t put money before love or don’t make money the foundation of your relationship because money can buy woman, but not love and heart.
The reason why we later regret things we do when it comes to love is that we always want to please our woman even with what we don’t have.
You don’t have a car, a house or something to show forth. Most of your friends do have and you feel somehow bad, trying to upgrade yourself, just to please your lady. That’s not good enough my brother. Don’t love a woman with what you don’t have and can’t afford. Don’t borrow to please her. If she can cope with you now, that means when you have, she can cope too but there is no assurance that a lady that coped with you when you have can still cope with you when you don’t have.
Open up your heart for that lady, you can never tell if she’s your complete half, your missing rib, the bone of your bone and flesh of your flesh.
Remember, there is one thing that kills which is expectation.
Too much of expectation brings disappointment so while dating, give your best and expect nothing. If it yields well, thank God and if it doesn’t, it’s a lesson, learn it and move on till you find your dream woman.
“Your dream woman won’t come to you if you don’t make a move or take a step. Even if they come, you won’t know if you don’t open up.
Try something today and thank me later.

Till I cross your path again-
I hang my pen 🖋


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  1. I want to be sure about what I saw, and trust me, this is worth reading. You never disappoints! I’m indeed lifted to change some perception I have on this LOVE thing, thank you for writing this.

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