Love Is Not An Indian Movie: For Ladies~Judaisky Cares

Love Is Not An Indian Movie: For Ladies

Hello beautiful ladies, can I talk to you for some minutes?
I have heard many of you say “I don’t know if he loves me, I don’t trust him, I can’t love again, I don’t feel anything for him” and many more.
Well, it’s good to have your doubts on guys and you have every right to feel anyhow you want to feel about them.
But truth be told, you aren’t the only lady whose heart was broken, tattered and left at the corner of the world to suffer emotional distress and trauma. You aren’t the only lady who was conned and jinxed in the name of love. Because of this, many ladies have lost or missed their dream man, many have chased many away to the extent they aren’t married till date.
Oscar Wilde said that hearts are meant to be broken and that’s a living fact. Almost every heart has experienced heart break one way or the other in the name of love but how long are you going to expose your heart to more risk, self pity and internal scars you can’t heal alone?
Some ladies see guys as evil while some guys see ladies as the devil. You see? We just have to disagree to agree and before we can do that, you have a task, an important task to perform.

The more you hate guys, the more you hate yourself because love will definitely come calling. The more you don’t want to have this and that to do with guys, the more the urge increases because we are meant to compliment one another.
Ladies, on seeing some guys with their physical appearance, they conclude they aren’t good.
But don’t judge a book by its cover because this has made many ladies to miss the perfect match for them and later gnashing teeth, crying had I know. Guys are not good, we know but not all. One of the major reasons you say guys are bad is because they hit you and run. If I am right, then don’t give them to hit when you know it will pain you when they hit and run. As a lady, can’t you be in a relationship without sex?
Who knows if you are even the one at fault. You complain they used and dumped you whereas they didn’t force you for anything. Maybe your too much demands made them to leave you or your character, maybe you are a windbag or an imported parrot. Maybe you don’t even love him, but love only his money, all these count.
Many of you have ran back to your shell, saying you can never love again or you are already a philophobia, a strong hatred for love. My dear, real love still exists but you can’t find it if you don’t open up or search for it.
Love isn’t an Indian movie so you can’t just predict or discern it from afar. You have to come close, enclose and embrace it before you know if it’s a true love or not. Not all that shines are gold so don’t be deceived by materials or Morden lie (read my previous article via to know what modern lie is and other things you need to know about a relationship)
Don’t because he has money and say yes because that money might finish tomorrow, what will be the bond connecting you two? He can even use the money to buy your love, when he’s done, he would sell you out as tokumbo, second hand.
Follow your heart and when you can’t feel your heart, try something practical.
Take note of these things.
1. Don’t love for pity.
2. Don’t love because of money.
3. Don’t love because he’s handsome.
4. Don’t love because he has been disturbing you.
5. Don’t love for fame because all these have season and when their season come, they will disintegrate. Love is unique, pure and selfless so be ready to sacrifice when you are at the alter of love.
Love for what’s within instead of without.
Love for who someone is, not what they have.
At the same time, love with your head, not your heart because there is no guarantee for any true love anywhere except you are wise, tenacious and zealous enough to build one.

Till I cross your path again-
I hang my pen đź–‹


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