Incomplete by sheyi

Incomplete by sheyi


When I look at my reflection
I can’t seem to find myself
Total pain and vie rejection
Seemed to be the cause itself

A person cannot determine his life
Holding a bit of luck by his sideo

Pressure of life like stabbing knives
Will dreams of flocks just then abide

Until death one’s life is made complete
Demand increases when one lives
Until then man’s made to compete
For world riches and golden hives

A phony problem is for one to discover
His life, stories, dreams and desire
How then can he just then uncover?
All these things and more to acquire

Life is a barrel of vanity
Vanity is emptiness, egotism and futility
I must trust myself not to dwell in brutality
I just must hold my life with responsibility.



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Joseph Jasef

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