No means of survival
From this great ship that rest upon us
No one has a means to complain
When we are all trapped together

Disasters safely Hovers around us
The divergent mind set drawing us back
For the love of money is the root of all evil
Human rights now belongs to the deceased

Wild owls set their own agenda
Our safety locked in the hands of killers
Descendants seeing the hopeless future
Economic field a maze of complex ways

Let’s not talk of diversity of culture
Man now kills for himself
No more family or United Nations
Where foreigners invade with their own ideas

Superioty is highly required
Where money speaks to themselves
Social class pf heels and loafers
They eat the heads and blood

Children from school go to the roadside
It’s their daily routine for extra cash
The facility of school is now a barricade
Children are sent out for lack of good government

The house of God is now that of man
In the name of God we like and forgive the sins of Eli
How then shall the Lord forgive atrocities against him?
Oh! Lord I plead for mercy upon the righteous

The killers are now increased, hiding deep in bushes
Waiting for ambush, the sheep on their travel home
The so called shepherds are asleep in the hay
While their sheeps are lead astray

The state of the nation is an eyesore
Religious leaders have cried their all
We gravely need a bath of holy water
To wash our hearts and head
To give us passionate hearts and a steady mind
So we can all begin to act and think clearly
Of what the nation really needs(GOD)


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Joseph Jasef



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