When I Remember You~A Short Story By Judaisky


    I don’t just know what’s so special about this Nofisat but I must confess, I still love her. The way she carries herself, her charisma and diplomacy are just too unique to jump and pass but you know, Ademi, my Adebisi has filled me with love that my heart is filled and running over.
    “Babe, do you noticed Nofisat is now moving with that Headward?”
    I laughed but she grimaced.
    “That shouldn’t be your business babe, you kúkú know Moses is a green snake in a green grass. I have his history on my hand here, he will just use his magic rod to divide her red sea”
    “The red sea that has been divided since, mtcheew”
    The words of my babe hit me hard because I thought Nofisat was a virgin. Infact, with the way she does her things, if I see her with pregnancy, I would say she’s impregnated by the Holy spirit.
    “Thank God for your divine intervention eehn, my God is awesome” we laughed it off.
    I began to wonder what Moses, our scholar could be doing with Nofisat because he is the last person I would ever imagined her being with. Though Moses is a smart and mature guy but I know he’s not what Nofisat needs. Moses has two girlfriends and Nofisat isn’t the type that will share her man. Moses doesn’t care, he doesn’t have a heart of gold to tolerate the stupidity of ladies and their nagging hobby.
    Just then, I sighted Moses at the pavilion, discussing with one of his friends. I went to him, to clear my doubts.
    “How far Moses, how you dey na” We exchanged pleasantries and he was even happy seeing me.
    “How far with you and Nofi, wetin dey sup na?”
    I asked, folding my arms.
    “No mind that yeye girl, she’s looking for what she don’t have.
    Her friend Aishat told me she wants to make you feel jealous and come for her and then, she will dump me.” I smiled in awe.
    “But it wasn’t my fault bro, I approached her, shown her love in all the ways I could but she shunned me down, telling me I am not perfect, I smoke, I do this and that so I just left her for Bisi. She then came back but it was late.”
    “You don’t need to explain to me bro, it was very obvious then that I was even thinking you were drunk in love that you can’t see reality. That girl is necessarily evil and a pretender. I heard she aborted for our president once.” My mouth was opened ajar in an open amazement.
    “Don’t be surprised bro, she’s a season film my brother but don’t worry, I am going to give her the greatest shock of her life tomorrow at the stadium”
    “Hehe, what can you possibly do to her my brother?” I asked wanting to know how to prepare to laugh.
    “Don’t worry my dear, even her best friends, crushes, admirers, toasters and everything she holds dear will forsake her tomorrow” what I heard suited my constitution but left me at the edge of curiosity because I wanted to know his plans for Nofisat tomorrow. Well, leta wait for tomorrow, maybe she will learn how to stop pretending to be what she’s not.

    Till I cross your path again-
    I hang my pen 🖋


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Author: Judaisky

Judaisky is a young writer who believes the world can only be saved PEACEFULLY through the tidings of the ink cos the pen is mightier than the sword. Do You want to know more about me, contact me 09039956005

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