When I Remember YouA Short Story By Judaisky


Sincerely, it hasn’t been easy, seeing her pass by without saying a word to her. As popular as I am, she’s the only thing that brings me back to my shell. Nofisat wouldn’t even look my way even when I promised to make life easy and pleasurable to her. “BJ, this thing won’t work at all. You are arrogant, proud and full of yourself and I wouldn’t want to be associated with someone like that” Her words hurt me but my love for her was stronger than pain, the hurt.
“See Nofi, I will change. You see I don’t smoke or drink again, if you come into my life, I will change, just give me a chance my dear, I can’t do anything meaningful without you” My friend Iremide also begged her but she was headbent. I cried, I was lean and hated love because the only girl I love didn’t want to give me the chance to show her the love.

Before I knew it, Adebisi started coming close to me but she was a Christian and I wanted to date a Muslim like me. I have seen and noticed her for long but I used to snob her anytime she makes any funny move.
Adebisi was a nice girl, not too tall or beautiful but her character and behaviour covered all that. She was very caring and understanding. She always spend on me anytime she has, even knowing I have enough money for us to spend.
I was happy with Adebisi but Nofisat was still on my mind.

It came to pass, Nofisat started smiling at me, becoming more friendly than before. “I can see some changes in you Bolaji”
“Yes o, your friend Adebisi is the reason behind it. She shown me the love I have been craving for and I grasped it.” I smiled and watched her countenance.
“That’s good, I didn’t accept you then because I wanted you to work on that and thanks to Allah she was the instrument used to actualize the dream.” she smirked and I was just watching her with fragments of smile on my face.
“So now you are good, how do we go about it, where do we start from?”
I laughed her to scorn that she was very ashamed of herself.
“You see, I am still working on myself, Adebisi isn’t done with me yet. She promised to make me control my anger, my egomania
And many things that are wrong with me” She smiled and placed her hand on my shoulder.
“Don’t worry my dear, I will pick it up from here. Do you mind if I come over this evening or you come over to my hostel?” her eyes were fixed on me.
“Haba, don’t let me stress you my dear, Adebisi knows how to go about that. Focus on your education so you can achieve academic excellence like you told me before.” she grimaced with a feeble smile.
“No. actually, I just felt like giving you a chance now because I have seen changes in you.” I laughed to the extend she asked me what was wrong. Just then, Adebisi came, hugged and kissed me. She was boiling, I could feel it.
“One piece of advice for you my dear. I came to you with love, genuine love, promising you to do what my mother was unable to compel me to do. I promised you everything, all because I loved you but you threw them all to the mud. Now you have seen the glory of love in me and you come calling for what’s lost. I am very happy with my love here. She satisfies me in all ramifications to the extent that I don’t feel lonely in her absence. If you everly need a man in your life, you need to work on yourself because there is no perfect man anywhere. I am not perfect so as Adebisi but we have disagreed to agree. Now we are living fine in the ambience of love.”
I left her there. Her face was transfixed on the floor. Maybe she was shy or ashamed of herself but you know, I don’t care.”
“Honey, don’t you think you were harsh on her?” my love, Bisi asked
“Haha, I was only being nice แป, you know you thought me to be nice. But seriously, I must confess, when I remember her, I remember you, and even I remember you, I remember love”
Just then, Nofisat, passed by with one tall he-goat cuddling her.

Story continues…

Till I cross your path again-
I hang my pen ๐Ÿ–‹


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Author: Judaisky

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