My Lecturers And I 2~Judaisky Cares


Like I promised you, I will tell you about Mrs Salaudeen but please, don’t tell anyone. I still have two years to spend here.
This woman acts like a professor but she’s not. She always wants to be seen as a god which she’s not.
Carry-over is like a routine in her course because it’s on her course that I know this adage is real ”The rich also cry” there is nothing like scholar to this woman because if you prove to be one, you will become a thing of caricature. In one of her classes, she broke our hearts, she told us there is no perfect joy, we will keep carrying her course till we spill. She has placed this special fear in us that at the mention of Mrs Salaudeen, every student must tremble in fear. In Yorùbá, they call her irunmole tó ún jẹ GP (a deity that eats/SUCKS GP)

I can’t forget how this woman murdered my joy last semester. She gave me 25 in test and nothing in exam, claiming I didn’t write the exam. “But ma’am, I wrote the exam and my name is even on the attendant list” she looked at me like a devil that lost a prey to God. “What do you want me to do? You can’t find your script and that’s all. Leave me office and don’t come back” I managed to push myself out of her office.
Just last year, 80% carry-over was recorded on her course and she came to class to tell us she finds joy in sending people home. She has some customised slang like ‘are you stupid? Generation of beggars, bunch of idiot’
She did this to the extent that a student supposed to graduate with second class upper but she brought him down to second class lower, from 3.9 to 3.1, all because she was his project supervisor.

I talked to some of my mates so we can at least take this issue to the authority but the fear is there already. Report and be deported.
She bought our fear and encamped us not to see beyond. She is autocratic in nature because you can’t please her. Don’t be surprised if I say carry-over students are more than normal students. She said it with her mouth that she derives joy sending students away because we are too much for her.
Everyone is praying to just pass her course. Sometime, I feel like giving up on education because they are making life difficult for us. You must buy books and when you do, you will still fail. Two of my friends lost their virginity to Dr Samson and many abortions from him. Alot is happening in my school and no one has the guts or impetus to challange the authority. Let’s take a break here, I will reveal more about my lecturers, there is one you wouldn’t want to miss.

Till I cross your path again-
I hang my pen 🖋


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Author: Judaisky

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