Titilayo sat in her room looking blankly at the wall. She had received a call from her lover that the relationship was over. She broke into tears, her eyes was filled with unfiltered silence. She stood and went straight to the bathroom to ease herself.
“Oh, why now? I had built my world around Jimi, I didn’t know he would stab me in the back. I showed him love and did everything to make him happy, but he was never satisfied. So, Jimi is getting married to another woman?” In front of a mirror dormant on the painted wall, she poured her emotions.
She came out of the bathroom with a battered face. It was as if the world should end. Many questions ran through her mind, she could not get to answer them. Jimi has no excuse for leaving her. He wasn’t satisfied or maybe their is something she had done that angered him and prompted him to take such action. She came to understand that beauty is not everything a man wants and you can’t keep a man that wants to go. Some men can love you and still cheat on you. She caused herself for giving her whole heart to an ungrateful man. She went to her drawer, took a gown and a black pair of shoes and prepared to confront Jimi at his office.

She got to his office only to be told by his secretary that Jimi had flown abroad with his wife to be. It was a hard time for her. She remembered what her friend told her, not to put all her eggs in one basket. Reality dawned on her that she gave her heart to a devil who didn’t mind her feelings, but went behind to propose to another woman. She broke into tears in the office. Immediately, one of the security men came to help her to her car. She drove off like someone whose world had collapsed, she could not get hold of her clouded emotions. It was a do or die affairs. She thought of all the good times they spent together, the promises he made to her that he will love her forever and the ring he gave to her that he will come and marry her, which made her chase away Stanley, one of the serious suitors that came for her hand in marriage. Reality dawned on her that there is no perfect joy. Life is a mixture of pain and joy…

She paced up and down In her friends house weeping like a child while her friend consoled her. She thought of many things, whether to kill Jimi when he returns or commit suicide. She had really invested her life into the relationship. All her money was to keep the relationship alive when he had nothing. She sighed heavily “my world is over. I will never love again” Her friend had also been a victim. She reminded her how she encouraged her when Andrew eloped with another lady she is richer and more beautiful than. It was as if her world had ended but she held herself and moved on. “men don’t look at how beautiful or rich you are. If they are will cheat on you they will likewise women. You can’t keep them from cheating. Just pray your man truly loves you and won’t deceive you with words while he stabs you in the back.” Amaka said, wiping tears from Titilayo’s face. The best love is to love oneself and not expect too much from any relationship. People come and go, but we must remain strong. He had gone, but you must be strong no matter what. Titilayo fell asleep on a cushion in the sitting room with pains in her heart.
She was lost in another world. Her heart was far away unlike before. She looked depressed, dejected and wasted. She promised not to love again and not to expect much from any relationship. Amaka stood looking at her friend, who was not herself. “If this is how love is, I prefer to be single all my life?” She whispered to herself and went to the kitchen to clean up the dormant dishes on the kitchen sink and prepare a meal for both of them…


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