The Ban on Tricycles & Bikes in Lagos State~Opadeji Samuel Olumide

The Ban on Tricycles & Bikes in Lagos State.

Opadeji Samuel Olumide

Tade, a graduate of Obafemi Awolowo university, who studied chemistry as his discipline, graduated with a smiling grade of 2.1, indeed, he has passed through the scary furnace of campus to have graduated with such on institutions like “the great ife”.

Sometimes, life causes the lazy to shine after years of idleness and makes the hardworking loathe like a huge debt to be paid. Meet Ganiyu, one of the fast and furious boys on campus who uses his way to make a way for himself to scale through. After 3 years of tiring job hunting, Tade who has no choice and believes in ” I’d rather be a slave in the country
, than to be a night man, eventually ventured into being a tricycle rider. Tade who already had a family of 4, 3 beautiful kids, Tinuke, Timilehin and Teniola including his 8 months pregnant wife, who is a full house wife, has no choice than to drop his desired white collar job for a transport collar job when he met Ganiyu who is the tarmac chairman for surulaye-gba road to Tiled Road who made a graceful decision to help Tade buys a new keke napep who he’s to pay by installment for a working period of a year

Tade who takes responsibilities on his younger ones and leads other welfarism as a man does was exhilarated at the new innovations even without no backup business or trade.

After several years of working as a tricycle rider, Tade still has a sum of #266,985.00 to balance Ganiyu before he could be the rightful owner of the keke napep when he heard of the ban on tricycles and bikes. What a tragedy would that be! Ganiyu who isn’t a fan of tales has his money to receive irrespective of his utopian of wisdom on the ban, his pregnant wife then already gave birth to set of twins who already begin their first year in school. His younger brother who’s also in the final year of his studies, studying mechanical engineering needs enough of money to complete his project, Mr. Sadiku already awaiting his 6 months rent fee from Tade, and quite unfortunate Tade’s means of livelihood is dying gradually. When won’t he be depressed? And when will he not commit suicide, cause I once saw him at the top floor of the 16 storey building of a company, who knows of his thought?

The ban on tricycles and bikes, is it the rightful measure to end insecurity in Lagos state? If yes, what about the citizens who do not have a private car, how shall we convey ourselves?

– Opinions.

Opadeji Samuel Olumide
Master Upon The Pen

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