DAMISRAEL’S CONSIDERATIONS, Chapter 1 Verse 2, HUMANS AND RELIGION. (By Oluwadamilare Israel)


So, it is rather amazing at these times, how the human race have really embraced religion and the sentiments that tags along with it.

Now, this religion has not yet really provided answers to the basic underlying questions of humanity neither has it rather improved the quality of the human lifestyles. Yet, some have so clinched to it like the nails to the fingers.

Has it always been like this since time immemorial? Maybe religion is good or maybe it is bad. But, in this 21st century, religion now really forms the bane of human cultures even more than ethnicity.

While this (religion) may not be bad in its own right, it however, calls for questioning. For instance, why should any human religion impede their wealth of thoughts and thereby reduce the quality of their lives?

Some rather subject themselves to rigorous routine lifestyles and even refuse to take medications when they take ill – actions that should not be undergone by any sane person, all in the name of religion.

And the more shame to this is that, religion so adeptly does this without the people realizing that this is actually a bondage of thoughts to them.

These same people who have been referred to as gods are still the ones who are being impeded by fear of the defilement of religion, from thinking creatively to make their lives better, and as though that were not enough, it also hinders them from accepting creations that will improve the quality of their lives.

Everyone has entitlement to their opinions and views, but, this is mine: ‘ I am a god and no religion will hinder me from manifesting as that. Amen!


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