DAMISRAEL’S CONSIDERATIONS, Chapter 1 Verse 1, REASON FOR LOVE? (By Oluwadamilare Israel).


It is really amazing how the magnet that attracts us to people sometimes loose their efficacy. Not, because, those people have lost that feature or ability that attracts us to them, but, because, the attraction just fades away and we can’t even explain how or why.

This goes the more to explain that love for someone should not be based on any particular feature or ability. Love for anyone should not even be based on any reason in particular.

A wise man once said and rightly so, that: if there’s ever any reason attached to love, then it is not love. The reason is because, what happens when those reasons fade away and they’re no more there, for we do know that beauty is fleeting.

Beauty in is this respect now, does not just imply the facial features, but, also includes, every other quality, feature and ability that would ordinarily endear us to others.

So, if that beauty goes away, should the love follow suit? But, then it will, if they’re the reason for the love. That is why an everlasting love does not require and indeed should be without any reason.


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