There is no one in life who is not facing a particular challenge or another. Writers in their own field are not exempted from this and also are encompassed with challenges they feel are more than what they can handle. Some of them are lost and long gone in the course they chose.

Let’s see 10 challanges writers face and possible ways to curb them.

This is one of the major challenges of writers. Sometimes you feel so empty within that you wonder if you’re still made to be a writer.
There are things up there to write but your muse and inspiration seem not to be at work. This is because writer’s block has set in.
Writer’s block sets in the moment you relent, the moment you feel there is nothing to write again, the moment you think you don’t need to write again. Anything you leave will surely leave you. When you feel writer’s block emanating, just relax, read, read and read then the muse will foster up. Don’t apportion or feel self pity, pick up yourself and fire on.

The moment you lack confidence at what you do, then you have lost the track already. What do you really want to offer or write when you don’t even rely or have confidence in yourself and what you can do?
You have to tell yourself you can do it, encourage yourself because there may not be anyone to encourage or boost your morale.
Don’t give up even when everything or everyone has given up on you. Believe in yourself because there is light at the end of every tunnel.

Somehow, we don’t want to compete, so we can always be seen at the top but mind you, if there is no competition, you may not improve so there must be competition. It’s now left for you to know how to beat the competition so you can always be seen at the top. If there is competition in bad things or bad profession, how much more the good ones or what people want? Always strive to be the first and not an option.

This is another big discouragement for writers because most of them believe writers are born or destined to be poor because they write but no client, they advertise but no buyer and that weighs heavy on them.
Truly it kills. When you have done everything within your power, you sell your product but it keeps resulting to nothing. Well, there are many paths to the market. If this way fails, why not try the other way. Try something new, maybe your character isn’t good enough to fetch you clients, maybe your style of writing and other things. If others can get clients, check yourself and try something new. The sky is your starting point.

This sounds weird but trust me, some of us aren’t even proud of what we write.
Some of us have ideas but not know how to present or paint the picture.
Many of us are under poetic phantasmagoria because they only hallucinate and fantasize without making any come to reality. Some are very far from the touch of reality all because they aren’t creative or creative enough.
Don’t believe you have known it all, keep digging, read and read so you won’t be empty anytime. Use images and symbols to create, be dynamic and spontaneous.

Somehow, we aren’t taking note of this but it matters a lot.
You can’t be posing or presenting yourself as a bad boy and expect people to value you in the real world. Anytime you start associating yourself with bad gangs, or maybe marlains, you won’t get a good reputation and it can mar your career big time. Choose your lifestyle carefully.

It’s no more a news that writers suffer this. Infact, it’s everyone’s challenge. Many write but there is no money to publish or make it known to the public. It’s so saddening that some beautiful works I know aren’t in vogue today because of the unavailability of the required funds to showcase them.
Now, you don’t need the whole money before you start something good. Use the little you have or make money work for you. Use your brain, it’s ideas that sell now, not your power like before.

There is this common saying “show me your friend, and I will tell you who you are” one of the reasons why you are still where you are today is your friends. You don’t need multitude to get there but some few good men. When you make the right friends, especially those who have dreams like you, it becomes easy. Try to slim fit your friends from those who veer into your life and they are dominating and occupying space meant for the right friends.

9. REST.
“Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise” Benjamin Franklin
This sounds somehow odd but believe you me, if your mind and every part of you isn’t settled, your head won’t boot, you won’t even have the vibe to read let alone write because you have used your power and everything in you to surf net or see movies. Not when you want you venture into what you like doing, you are tired, you can’t think straight and the likes.
Don’t stress yourself, get enough sleep, rest when needed and work.

Believe it or leave it, this is another vital reason why you are always discouraged and despondent. You leave in the village, very remote an area where nothing is happening or can happen. You even find it difficult to attend literary events. My friend, if you really have passion for what you do, if it demands you relocate, you just have to because if government work or appointment can make you to relocate, how much more what you love doing and ready to make living from?
All these are challenges which writers face and if care is not taken, they will keep blocking your eyes from seeing what tomorrow holds for you.

Till I cross your path again-
I hang my pen 🖋


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