On this endless boulevard
Where mirage claims lord-
I have eaten the nut of Tiger
And mind sold to tenacity
Till my journey speaks home.
©Judaisky Cares®

Journey on Everest,
We have no rest.
Top hill to go.
No stairs to match.
Nor bus to ride.

Thousands of miles Crossed my mind,
Various ways flood my path,
And millions of steps awaiting my feet,
But the journey to the West coast,
Will always start with a braved courage.
©Drunken Inspirational Pen®

On the terrain of life,
I wander around like wonders.
Through the trip,I saw mountains,rivers and plain soil.
Then, I saw the sun up the sky

Wheels reel off with the wind
Adverse to the pulleys of time.
Off went the flight
Into the giant horizon
Concerted through the depth of mirages.

On this cocky path
Of ancient times and age
Where thousand feet have trod
I drive my wheels daringly
Against the turbulent tide that blows.
©Precious J. Ekereobong®

Life is a journey,
Meeting people on busy roads,
Asking for directions no one knows.
Or alone in the harsh wilderness,
With no help ever less.
©Phenomenal Leemah®

What a journey of life!
A journey one is not sure of the outcome
It is a journey which seems endless
A journey for the brave and strong
Though it is rough and tough

A miserable journey of life
can lead you to the cluster of boredom.
Delve into the ocean of trepidation.
Smell the aroma of malady.
It doesn’t matter whether you succeed or not.
©Zanna’s pen®

‘Mercy! My mistress’, darkness said
The world awaits your beauty.
The Journey is but a mile, a step.
One into the depths of hell, your home
‘Have mercy Thanatos’
©Karen Thompson®

Three wheels I left with
The first, an obstacle
Second,own slack heart
Lastly, her driving tears
Although mountain nearly fall
But thorns path was walked by her tears.
Tope Ashaolu

An unknown path I tread upon
Wandering in the wilderness,
My legs are crying to be redeemed
My heart sinks daily as I Journey
My soul sails without a destination.
©Man Of Sapience®

Night, days; prepared for dated journey _
With hopes of returning home,
A step; only towards the exit to start…
Just a fall, I meet “the unprepared”
Then Embarks the journey of no return

Homeward I call,
Through dust and dark alleys.
A belligerent soul I rave,
A storm of nerves accost my face
The journey of life they have said.
©David Gare®

The streams of life taketh me
As i embark on a soul search,
A journey with no beginning
Nor an ending
For what is a body with no soul?

Thro’ this world and beyond,
Scaling thro’ the hills and mounds,
As life is a walking shadow of
Sweats mingling with tears in her meadow,
This path, death and life with no rewind.

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Author: TaekPoet

Mahmud Sufiyan also known as TaekPoet in the literary world. He is a writer of short stories, a poet and Taekwondist.

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