BOYS LIKE ME By hossein the poet

BOYS LIKE ME By hossein the poet



What did they tell you about boys like me?

I know they told you all we have is a pen behind our ears and poor to afford a dream,
I know they said we are not around to be a man but hide between lines and stanzas,
You are welcome, I’m glad you could find me here.

My dear, I’m everything you’d want in a man,
I can hold you through these lines when the night is what a night should be and cold,
I’m wealthy in words but yet to make a living of this kind of life.

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Maybe I need to tell you, you are in love with a dead man walking,
Because over and again boys like me have written their obituary,
No, no boys like us don’t die but we come back to haunt you when you tread pages so you dare not leave.


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Author: TaekPoet

Mahmud Sufiyan also known as TaekPoet in the literary world. He is a writer of short stories, a poet, haiku Lover and martial artist.

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