Seven Ways To Build/Fix Your Broken Relationship.

Seven Ways To Build/Fix Your Broken Relationship.

It’s normal for relationship to live today and die tomorrow because
it’s a proven fact we must live to admit. But when your relationship is at the verge of dilapidation, it’s then left for you to decide either it will be completely ruined or you rebirth it.
Here lies 7 things you need to do if you must fix your relationship.

1. Listen.
This is really the foundation to building or fixing your relationship. Here, you have to be submissive even if you aren’t the one that’s wrong. You have to give your partner a listening ear, undivided attention, just for them to know you aren’t just listening because you want to fulfil all righteousness. If possible, mute your phone, don’t cross your legs, behave just as if you are undergoing an interview. Make sure you face your partner and maintain an eye contact. When they are done, simply summarize all what they said, to make them know you quite understood them.

2. Compromise:
I don’t know whether you are aware that you can’t be right all the time. So, always be ready to forgo somethings in other to mend the broken relationship or about to be broken. Some times, all you need to do to fix all this is a simple three words. I AM SORRY or I LOVE YOU. Don’t always be bossy or authoritative, be ready to lose somethings if truly you value the relationship because life is just like give and take.

3. Expression:
Do you know we have lost many things we aren’t supposed to lose because of expression? Most of us are talented and gifted but we lack expression on how to put them into use. Always look for a better way to express yourself, especially, your emotion to your partner. The best way to do this is to be serious and romantic. Express your hurt, your love, and things you think should be in place with a cool voice, not shouting or being arrogant even while reprimanding.

4. Tender Heart.
Some times, you have to pretend you aren’t seeing their flaws or weakness. Always reciprocate good with anything they bring to you. Put on your smiling face and show them love. They also have sense, they will see how sensible and responsible you are and blend.

5. Be Optimistic.
If your relationship to you, is not beyond repair, then be optimistic all the time, always see a green and bright future all the time. Help them to help the relationship because only you can’t bear it alone. Address and reset their orientation but with love.

6. Be Dynamic.
You can’t expect changes and still stick to your old plans and patterns. Always be ready to embrace any form or good changes in the relationship because your partner can be the change but maybe, in disguise so, you also need to be sensitive because sometimes, things don’t go the way we plan but will end the way we want it to end if we are proactive and sensible.

7. Persistence.
As you are optimistic, you need to be persistent too so things can work out for good. When this plan fails, don’t give up, keep digging, keep begging, keep going or showcasing all the best things you have just to make it work. But if you have done all the things you know, to strengthen, build or revivify the relationship and your partner isn’t responsive, you may need to take a break because relationship isn’t a one man business.

Till I cross your path again-
I hang my pen 🖋


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