(Short Story) JUST A DANCE: Smith Legrande

*JUST A DANCE* _Smith Legrande_

“Hey,won’t you mind joining me at my table?” I heard a soft voice beckoning at me,I was seated facing the wall,on it was a 42 inch flat screen television,I was lost in the football match that was being streamed live from The Stamford Bridge,I guess you now understand my love for N’golo Kante.Even though the game was now taking control over me,I couldn’t help but turn to see the caller.Women just like Lucifer and Eve,they can make you do the impossible,women can change your tight diary to a free day long,they can make you smile by yourself all the way from Njoro to Nakuru town and back to Egerton on foot,they can also make you cry all day long just because you sent them fare,so that they could pay you a visit then they don’t show up or you don’t get a message from them after receiving your cash.

She was on a red blouse,a snow white trouser,her hair curled and reading from her direction I read from her smiles that may be she was the one Whitedent or may be The Delident toothpaste companies had on their adverts,why did they assume snow to be the only brightest thin on earth? Didn’t the consider this stranger over there whom I couldn’t help but stare at with just my mouth wide open? Her eyes just like the burning coal,boiled my heart at thousands of metres above the sea level,you get me right,I love eyes,yes I love cute eyes,cat_like eyelashes,crinkled eyebrows,dark but bright iris,ooh lemme stop it there but I love Cute Eyes!

I had already lost interest in the match,but of course the blues had won,it was the eighty eighth minute and they were a goal against Newcastle United.I was !about to get up my seat then I remembered I was a man,and to be a man enough I didn’t want to interfere with my Gangster points(sic) I hope you all get me right.I dint want to act such ungentlemanly just because she was beautiful no! I didn’t.

She noticed the uneasiness in me and raised up her soft voice once again,my heart was already melting,I couldn’t hide the sweat that had now wetted my shirt,I unbuttoned the shirt a bit to a least make me cool off.She came up from her table and this even made everyone around the pub realize my movements,but before she could reach my place,I had made up and I was busy doing nothing with my phone.

She bent over my shoulder and whispered into my ears,’Hello come on,I have plenty on my table,you can join me for a drink and perhaps for a dance,’I was almost screaming,I couldn’t imagine pressing the soft flesh to my chest,I couldn’t imagine having her,yes having her lips to mine,yes breathing her air,cuddling and toying her hair,I could imagine zonk her out and soak the sofa with our warmth yes I could imagine having her,but she meant it was just a dance.

She held me by my left hand,I lifted up and follow her lead, _Bendera hufuata upepo_,that was the only thing I remembered which can only be loosely translated to ‘the flag follows the direction of the wind’ I was just an inch from her,I felt like grabbing her closer and perhaps feel her warmth,but patience is my other name,I had to wait for my time,yes when we could only be,just the two of us!

She showed me a chair and she sat just opposite me,damn! This was the perfect position,she knew all these! I had a clear view of this beauty just like the only star on her face,her nose strode at an angle that even Engineering Mathematics couldn’t help solving,am running out of words explaining about her,but I can help you out,check out Marline Monroe’s portraits,take a bit forehead from Rihanna’s and the lower lip from Cardi B,slice a bit flesh from Sidika,an eye from Victoria Kimani,another from Cece Sagini,rob Yemi Alade off her height and ask Odhis Bosschick to lend you her skin tone,did I solve your puzzle? I bet right.

She realized I wasn’t looking at her straight in the eyes,she had come to notice I was freaking out,she took an advantage over this,she emptied a bottle of Jameson into two classes,she passed one for me and signaled a toss,I sipped the sweet waters bit by bit,the silence was hurting my eardrums,but the noise inside me was making me uneasy,I felt like asking for her name but instead asked her the name of the pub,I was about to ask her age but asked the time,when I was now prepared to tell her about her beauty,I was busy singing along Fally Ipupa’s Aimé moi which was playing from the Dj’s deck,I guess she understood French,cause whenever I sung a word she could smile,but of course the song Meant love me! I think she was beginning to get me right.

She emptied her glass as I held mine still by my lower lip,the sweet waters were starting to take effect on me,but to my surprise she was still sober than before,may be she was a chub,she lived in the waters.I was now gathering courage,I was beginning to get the urge to speak up.Alcohol does the imposdible.

I put my half emptied glass on the rounded glass table looking her straight in the eye,she smiled at me revealing her honey pink tongue,I was almost getting hold of her hands when she withdrew them but instead winked.I stood from my seat,but before I could make a step,she jumped off her chair and grabbed me by my waist,I turned and looked her in the eyes,her eyes suggested something,something that I had waited for a century since we had the encounter.

It takes two to tango.She danced me off.The music was flowing from my arteries m eternity,everyone around came closer to witness the two lowbrow lovebirds dance,She held me closer I was now becoming weak,I was beginning to get fancy,with the effect of the Jameson,we could do the unimaginable,at times it was a deep kiss followed by a spank on her butt,at some moment it was tight hugs that we could fall off the arena.

My favorite tune played,it was Fally Ipupa’s Juste uné danse,which loosely means ‘just a dance,’the music was was overcoming me,but suddenly her phone rang,she looked it up,let me off and whispered,’It’s time I should be getting off,see you next time’ I felt like crying,I felt like running after her,but she remembered something and turned,she gave me a piece of paper and a pen from her handbag,I knew what she meant.But she promised me next time,may be next time my imaginations shall come true,yes next time.This, was just a dance.


The blues always had me seated by my favourite corner at JackGrind bar and restaurant,it was an odd hour though but I couldn’t help myself out taking into account my boy N’golo was back in action,it was 3:30pm!What an hour to be seated in a bar!

I ordered some soft drink,Stoney Ginger,that I sought to help smoothen my vocals before I get to shout at ‘my boys’ playing against Crystal Palace.At the forty fifth minute no team had conceded a goal,what a lucky play for Palace,my boys had laid several attacks in vain them they only had one,which was just like a soft pass to Arizabalaga.I sat back and surveyed the pub,I had not gotten time before because I was swallowed by the DSTV live streaming from the bridge.

From the corners of my right eye I spotted something,something which made me turn to ascertain if for sure I was right or the stoney had effects on me.I looked straight to a table just a few from where I was,I had a clear vision on it.I stared at her for a moment trying to recollect perhaps where we had at once met.I saw her move her attention my way,She noticed my suspicions and we stared at each other blankly.I turned back to face the TV,the second half had started ten minutes back,before I could figure out what was on I saw ‘my boys’ had scored their fist goal,I was happy and sad at the same moment,I felt happier because they had scored the goal but sad because I didn’t catch the real action.

At the seventy ninth minute they were leading two goals to nil,it was then that I had a recap of the figure I was staring at,I remembered the last time we met,it was at this same place,some few weeks ago,it was the same day The blues played Newcastle United. ‘We share something in common,maybe because the sky is blue and we’re all under it,may be’ I said silently to myself.

The last time she gave me her contacts,but since then she had neither picked my calls nor reply to my numerous text messages may be I was too much on her,I once read from an article that when you meet a lady for the first time do not bother her with numerous texts messages or calls as that might make her judge you wrongly,I was wrong.This time she was so much beautiful than I had thought of,may be last time the darkness and the sweet waters had impaired my vision.I turned a bit to see if she was in concern as I was.I met her bewitching eyes right my direction,ooh dear God why did I grow affection to cute eyes? I can’t help let off whenever I meet cute eyes surrounded by some natural African melanin,ooh have I told you what weakens me up?yes eyes,make yours beautiful and I’ll walk all the way from Bungoma to Mandera in search for you I swear.

She smiled,this made me remember some line I had told some lady whom I had fallen in love with,though she took me as a joker,this world though.I remember telling her ‘Macho zako pure zinaboil my heart at sea level,meno ni distinction ya beauty ndo maana kwako nilijirefer though ulikuja tu kupass.’She laughed me out thinking I was only kidding,Marion do you remember this?(sic)

I smiled back and made my way to her,she stood and met me on the way,her soft flesh pressed my chest,she wore some expensive cologne which outdid mine,her hair caressed my cheeks,it was then that I realized she had dimples,hers dug like the only oasis in the sahara,I think God had taken care of this angel after creations because she seemed so much delicate.Her skin,dark and soft than soaked bread.I replied to her by grabbing her closer to me,she pecked my cheeks and we made our way to her table.

I was curious,I wanted to know why we had to meet when the blues played,but I had an answer even before I inquired,she had a blue top branded Yokohama Tyres there was no way I could seek for such an obvious answer.It was around six and the pub was getting full,with drunkards and those who came just to refresh themselves.I felt it was not yet time to order a drink so we had some time for a little conversation.

Angela sat just opposite me the same position we had sat three weeks a go.After minutes of silence,she scratched her hair a bit,looked blankly at her mobile phone then to me,she asked,’What a coincidence,I think I have been missing you so much,I was out of town for the last two weeks and when I returned I doubtlessly knew I could find you here when Chelsea play,how have you been?’
‘I have been quite okay…though I thought you had gone for good,I tried the number you gave me and got no response,I had forgot about you’
I saw her face change may be she wasn’t expecting the last bit,but I needed to prove tough anyway.
‘You mean you weren’t thinking about the fun we had here last time’
I saw she wasn’t smiling anymore,I needed to play my cards right.I was foolish to say that,In fact I wasn’t going to be here this day but it was her I came in search of.
‘No I didn’t mean so,I think am in to you’ I jokingly said.
She smiled back.
‘Where do you stay?’
‘Sevens,what about you?’
‘I stay at Balaui,I moved in here two months a go,I’m from Mezina’she answered.

Angela was such a lady to have around,we talked at length and knew each other best,we became used to each other for quite a short time.This time we only took soft drinks,it was getting late in the night and she suggested I take her home.My heart beat synchronized,I felt an urge to pee,I excused myself I didn’t expect ‘taking her home’ you get my point?
We took a taxi,her place was five minutes drive from the pub.

We entered her room at around 11pm,I sat on the soft coach as she went to the kitchen,she brought super,she had prepared pilau,(am not a good chef though so I won’t say much about it)it was delicious.’You’re a wonderful cook’ I commented,she smiled as she made her way to the fridge,she blended some mango juice,juice blending juice.
After super she went to the bathroom,I was still confused,confused about her beauty,how she came into my life and the pish life she lived just as an ordinary secretary in one of the offices in town.She came back from the bathroom on an oversize tee I guess she had nothing under it,She recommended I take a bath too.Just after I turned the shower on,Angela was right with me in the bathroom,what a trap,on her birth suit exposing each dot of beauty in ger.I remembered one time I had read from the scriptures,that man shall not only depend on bread.’Surprised?’ She joked,she moved closer her eyes looking straight into mine,hands on my chest,I felt the meaning of this and hungrily bit her lips,she moved closer.I came to realize everything when I woke up in the morning to find ourselves sleeping on the bathroom floor,’how? What happened?’ She woke up immediately as I was about to open the door,she grabbed me by my waist and whispered ‘I had longed to have you around,I enjoyed every bit of you,I am sorry you were so much exhausted,I tired you up,you know it’s so long I had it’ she giggled and pecked my cheeks.We had fun as we bathed in warm shower,It was too much that I heard her scream as the demons let me free.

It was around nine in the morning,I had to leave,I bid her goodbye as she stood watching from the balcony.This,was just a dance!

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