CLOSED BORDER: An Advantage Or Disadvantage To Us?

Jasef: big one.
imagine how many stones i swallow in the so called Nigeria Rice…. to be candid my family has retreat from rice especially for the price that the price has been inflated.
we dey chop spaghetti now

Dominion: Me no know
But my friend that stays outside cotonu is complaining wanna travel from Nigeria back home but d kind rule involved eh.

Jasef: This border closing has amazingly affected even bread.. imagine how we lied to suffer people.. please the border should be open… biko. imagine ewedu that we buy for #50 is now even smaller and yet #100

Treasure: I’m privileged again tonight, I support Closed Border an advantage reasons
The closed border has Added Value to the produce in Nigeria,
Little drop of rain make a mighty ocean, endure the delay in the little drop in order to have a mighty ocean, in a nutshell The Nigerian rice you complained of now is a gradual process and not even all the Nigerian rice are sandy,
Closed Border tells you Appreciate Your Country, look at the shoes produced in Aba,
China started like this it was tough at the beginning, very hard but now you know their current position in the World

Jasef: Beautiful point my dear. but have you eaten our so called own Rice?
infact it will increase the rate of appendix.
closing of border is not a permanent solution to making us love and use what we produce?
or are you telling me they dont use Iphone in China?

inflating the import tax on them is better. so we will all know where we are going. our people won’t have to lie on the border to bother the people with high prices even on locally made items.

Treasure: Not all the rice, I have eaten and splited out the stones but I stand to tell you that There is a way out, and its not just going to happen in a day, the Foreign rice was refined not in a day, it takes time and the same way Nigeria rice will reach it’s height.
Secondly, you said it will increase the rate of appendix, i disagree, no one will feel at ease eating stone and will not split it out impossible, and that’s why you take your time to cook the rice properly if you can’t buy the no-stone type.

The produce from China is on a larger percentage than what they import.

Jasef: Treasure, what about those 5 year old kids, a toddler who naturally swallows food and not chew food. what happens to such a boy.

must lives be lost before we learn to be better. must risks be taken?
Can’t the border be opened and import tax inflated. then we will choose?

Treasure: No parents will give his/her wards stone to eat, so that aspect should be well taken care of by the parents not using Closed Border as an excuse
And Yes, You can’t Succeed without taking a Risk, and For Success to be Achieved their must have been Failures

Prof Josh: Closing the border wouldn’t have been so much issue of adequate plans were already put in place as plan B.

You don’t just wake up one day as an entrepreneur and decide you want to quit your job to squarely face your entrepreneurship without having ‘foreplans’ on how to cope for the mean time while trying to gain some balance.

The government just suddenly announced closure of the border without advance notice, no adequate plans in place to rake care of the needs of the citizens.

To me, the closure has more hidden reasons unknown to us. And I can bet with you all that this closure is only effective in the west and east. It can’t be like this in the north.

So, what’s the agenda? Let the other zones depend on the northerners for almost everything.

Talk of eating beef, we depend more on the northerners. Pepper and tomatoes are often expensive when the northerners travel home during festive periods.

Treasure: Maybe I should ask you, how you will feel, if you produce a pure water, just because your son knows you produce pure water, then intentionally went to another company to go and buy the same pure water you produce, how will you feel not to talk of if their is a change in price?

Another illustration you own a school but you decide to send your school to another school.
How will you feel??

Prof Josh: Let’s take a break. I’m not trying to paint a ‘tribalistic’ picture here. But, let’s just analyse this issue critically and see.

Treasure: Don’t forget there are warnings before the implementation.

Shop now

Prof Josh: Maybe I need to be reminded of how the warnings were made and how many days interval before the closure

Apostle: (ToTREASURE⁩) , How will you also feel when you are someone who has been depending on another party for a substance e.g pure water, when you are still trying to get the one in your possession consumable,then all of a sudden, you switch to the partially unrefined water?
How does this sounds?

Treasure: You don’t depend on another person’s substance when you’re yet to consume yours.

Jasef: Lol. my children know death when they see it. They may choose not to use mine when it is harmful.
Wait Treasure, I hope you know they still smuggle the imported rice in?
it is only cost.

what is the essence of closing the border please?
like the other person said, there are hidden reasons behind the close of the border.

Pheyeevky: Everything about this country looks dead but when I remember reasons to live,I look forward to seeing a great Nigeria.

Treasure: Yes, there are a whole lot attached to it in fact it’s political, but the main concern is the foodstuff

Max Vincent: It is a very big opportunity to us as nation to test run our competency.
It is more of advantage than disadvantage.
Because it gives room for young enterprenures to buckle up their belt.

Dominion: In Nigeria, nothing has ever been a successful advantage

Max Vincent: Nigeria is much dependent on foreign goods and is not need for us to grow as a nation.
We need to conserve and utilize our own man power and resources



Max Vincent: Closing the boarder serves as a reminder to us as a nation who greater demands is on foreign goods..
So for us to know that it is an error, the source must be closed.
I also I love Nigeria I have hope in Nigeria to surprise the world one day.
All hope is not gone or lost.

Celestina: Lol. Even America depend on other countries for some kind of food. Did you know that Mangoes, Corn and other food don’t follow seasonal diacontinuance in Some countries? Why? Because they are in good and legalised foreign trade or business relationship with other producing countries.

I think even if the Nigeria government wants to break free from dependence, it shouldn’t be this way. However, even if they decide to never open the border, we go still survive! Nigerians are damn strong! I learnt about the recession that came upon Nigeria back then when they banned importation of flour. Nigerians still lived on cassava flour bread.

I just know that, those who are damn affected by this situation will be delivered.

Judaisky: Left to me, I will say this is all about politics.
If you read my article on closed border, you will understand me better. Now the point is, they have also increased our local rice even when it’s not refined. Everything is technically cost, and the worst of all, our government isn’t patronising or practicing what they are teaching or presenting to us. If they are practicing it, why do they always fly themselves abroad for treatment, because we don’t have competent doctors huh? Don’t let me stress the matter. What I think they should have done is to use tax to control it, then leave it for those who can afford it.

Mewrites: Thank you very much, all of you, for your wonderful contributions.



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