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I was a loyal of love,it filled my head and heart
I was lost in thought like a wanderer in the desert
So pine , my dreams were shattered
I cannot escape this blame game,for I’m true to be trust
Let alone desired whirlpool at whirlwind of confusion
My pride was hurt,it broke my heart into pieces
Allies couldn’t hear my voice behind words
It’s burning without flame,heart tossing & turning
Shift of blame,action born this opposite reaction

We’re at crossroad, starring at ourselves without a word
Love&loyalty stirred up the storm, we’re not in our world
We became pawns in their pointless game,it seem to be fun
We let go of good old days when we’re sworn brethren
Anger&hunger enslaved our filthy hearts ,then
A maiden was used to broke us apart
Then ,love departed us ,we’re divided at lust
She won our manly hearts at glance
We turned to her puppets,we lost our heads
Out oath of perpetuality got broke,but we couldn’t see
We couldn’t mind our enemies jest
We set to burn down our glorious dreams
Which were built on the blue sky for no one to stain

So,I lives in the darkness of love,blind emotion
A dark line of dark destiny seeking a destination
I wrote our names in the blowing breeze
My heart is pretty,I made them reside in it to see
I lost myself, it was a game for us ,
I play on my soul ,facing & dodging arrows on horse
A blow to my head&heart when I’m now thy betrayal
It estranged me ,broke inside ,a crippled loyal
This game of mind set my heart ablaze
It robbed me everything for a guiltless crime

Habeeb O Yekeen (PhilosYekhab)

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Author: Judaisky

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