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So someone asked me of my view on the closed border on #Friday Ask Your Questions Via Status.
Like seriously, I am not thinking this time, I know it’s not the right choice if you ask me because many things are presently in shamble as a result of the closed border.
Politically and economically, it’s very wrong because you don’t solve a problem with a problem.
If it’s all about stopping the importation of foreign rice and the likes, we can control it with tax. Increase their rate of tax and leave it for those who can afford it.
Now, even the local rice is cost, very cost that an average Nigerian can’t afford. Even those that can afford it always shake their heads when they eat it, why? Because of giants stones.

But there is a question that has been lingering in my mind, playing me a big riddle. Is our government eating local or foreign rice?
If really they want to improve the products of Nigeria, why aren’t they patronising them?
The facilities in Aso rock are all imported, even down to the things they use in their houses. Does it mean we don’t produce those things?
We have someone producing motor from Nsukka, we have many factories producing something very good but we don’t like them, they all seem local to us.
Infact, there are genius and brilliant students in tertiary institutions who need the government to support their projects, but the government won’t, everything is always local.
When they are sick, they run to abroad, what future or footprints are they setting for our doctors or even upcoming doctors?
To buy ordinary plate and spoon, they still buy imported ones. LORD HAVE MERCY.

Maybe there are more to the closed border that I don’t know.
But if this is the reason, because sometimes, there are more to things we see with our mere eyes as politics demands. If the border is closed because of imported goods, why not make our LOCAL products affordable so we can buy them. And by the time we buy and use them, we are one way or the other encouraging farmers and those producing them to put their hands on spindle, making it a source of living for many, and it will become another way of reducing high rate of unemployment.

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