It’s no more a story that we always get hurt when we are sincere with our confession for love.
Well, this isn’t an article or anything good you can think of, just call it a nonsensical piece, sending sense to your sensation.

There are many mystery that are very mysterious to us that the more we want to give them meanings, the more complex they become.
Love is one of the greatest puzzle we are yet to solve.
You seemed to be played, jinxed or betrayed when you sincerely give out your heart for love but, you don’t seem to feel hurt, betrayed or used when you don’t really love.
This is because when you are accused of something you didn’t do, it pains and hurts you the more but if you really did it, you don’t really feel that hurt because it’s a proven fact.
Now, when you aren’t serious with love, you don’t TOO count heart break or the sorts because even you, you aren’t serious with it.
But when you are ever ready to tread in the path of love and all it has to give, you give your heart, your time and even do things you aren’t supposed to do all because you are in love.
Now, with what you have invested, achieved, done or actualized in the relationship, you discovered your partner is just playing you, deceiving you, playing with your emotions, cheating on you and even took your love for granted. How will you feel?
That’s why it seems love is wicked, love is bad, love is this and that. But when two hearts bond in love, committed and pledged to stand by each other, love will forever be love until they breech the promised promises.
And the most painful part of love is that you must learn how to let go, that’s if you truly love the person.
You don’t force love because the more you force it, the more it frustates you because there is no guarantee even in real and true love, it’s a journey with no actual plan of what the outcome will be, it’s a fact of knowing someone will hurt you but trusting them not to.
Now, one thing I have come to learn about love is, you can’t deliberately hurt someone who really love you and go scot free. If you don’t pay for it now, you will surely pay it later. Its a proven fact.
So, don’t break the heart that loves for you because you don’t know whether they have all and what it takes to forgive and let go.

Till I cross your path again-
I hang my pen 🖋


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Author: Judaisky

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