How To Write A Great Short-Story: Kolawole Adebowale

How To Write A Great Short-Story:

By Kolawole Adebowale

There are bunch of thrilling short-stories out there, yours could also toss the board and find a space ‘between’ if you play the game by the rules. Although I’ve not won the noble prize, I can offer you some key-organic elements which are undoubtedly crucial to a story writer.

Here goes the Rules.


Hello readers
How much do you procrastinate? In general, you can trust me for this, there is no lazy Writer. Writing is a heavy job that request ‘nine’. If you’re not utterly obsessed with the perspiration, then you will never reach that chapter, titled ‘Exploits’ in this course. Writing is a bourne task, that request critical thinking, tasking research, tiresome reading and painstaking management of words.


Once again, I’ll like to remind the audience that writing is super-dynamic and as i write this, there’s no constant mode of scoping or weaving words except for the fact you’re uncreative. The scope of writing is outrightly unlimited, so why are you buffering on a proffered style? Create your mode! Be bold! Believe it! And be your go! Not a man’s shadow you’re.
Lately, I’m carving a standard of Literature. A typical mode of me! Yes, sure you’d like it.

DEPICTIONS DON’T HAVE TO BE FACTUAL. Just make them interesting and believable.

I spoke with a fellow Writer on a tour to a writing contest. He said, ” I don’t have writing block, my problem is making unreal things real, How can I build something that doesn’t exist before? Oh! Heck! It gives me hell!” I scoff within, but consoled him without. I’m sorry about that, but Hello Sir/Ma, have we forgotten the meaning of writing? Or who a writer is? So soon? Okay, in case we’ve, a Writer is that god who create his own word, character, events upon events and succeeding lifestyle. A Writer set his background, carve out his plot, enhance his verisimilitude and pole out his context. Lest, there is no Writer. Someone wants to situate deep humour inside a short story strictly on pain.
There is something called Speculative Fiction, and there is Fantasy, the latter fabricate possibilities when the latter ridicules imagination beyond sense.



Someone wants to write a story about death, What nature of death? suicide, massacre; martyrdom, self-destruction, assassination or even , self-slaughter. Death is too broad, avoid telling us death is bad/harsh/wicked or uncouth, everyone knows, it’s obvious. They’re off-putting cliches. Pick a focus and build the tower upon that point, if you’re writing about a bloodbath, focus your point of narration not on how the killing was deathly, or crude. Tell us about the hot spark of a rifle, the swift bullets that broke the backyard plank, tell us about the lantern oil that spills as it were hit by the boot of an infantryman. Avoid telling us about the crying voice, the slaughter, the sad pleading and the pathetic cry of a child. Those things are obvious. Create something unnoticeable, that strikes the motif of sadness.


Keep your opinion to yourself. As a good writer, you’re not to say whether she is a pretty looking girl, or rashly looking boy. Just describe, explain, hit striking features, paint the whole scene and leave the reader to say whether it’s beautiful or not. Describe, don’t Prescribe. Dont say it is a tidy conducive office, rather say..the sofas are sharp yellow soft, the welling fan swallow up the heat and the paper were carefully laid on the office desk.

For a short story to be profound and look really creative, there has to be a new features, a new ideas, an unpredictable but amazing shift in plot, clifhanging exposition and drastic switch of thought.
Life itself is changing its newness through sunsleep and sunwoke. Before you push a story out there, make sure it holds a spill of new wine. You will eventually leave your readers stick to your freshness and versatility when you assume unpredictable, and guess what? You are the god of their mind.

Writer : Barr A.A Kolawole

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