Antagonistic Forces: Judaisky Cares

Antagonistic Forces: Judaisky Cares



Sometimes, I wonder why we allow ourselves to be controlled by what we made by ourselves.
I wonder why we are the antagonistic forces of ourselves with things that supposed to make us great.
Can you imagine how deep and glued we are to internet to the extent it controls both our time and activities.
When Blackberry came out, countless ladies were put in a family way. As if that wasn’t enough, android came and many sold their virginity and pride to buy it. As if that wasn’t enough too, iPhone came as the ruling party, stealing our ladies and corrupting the minds of our men, all because they want to trap that girl down.


They said smokers are liable to die young but I tell you, internet and phones will even make you to die younger without achieving anything.
They are made to make us but here they are now marring us at our own permissions.
Who are we to blame? The makers or the users? If you say we are to blame the makers, read the manual and check if they stated we are to use it overnight, playing games and chatting away our lives.
Also check whether they said we must do whatever it takes to get one because our mates already have them.
You will wake up in the morning and complain of headache, forgetting you did a vigil with your phone.
Let me tell you, you aren’t helping yourself or your generation because if you die, I will inherit your phone, your memory and even your charger.

Till I cross your path again
I hang my pen 🖋


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Judaisky is a young writer who believes the world can only be saved PEACEFULLY through the tidings of the ink cos the pen is mightier than the sword.
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