You Cannot Be too CAREFUL! SirKelvin Joseph

You Cannot Be Too CAREFUL!

DEATH has no pattern, no formula, no principle, no method of operation, no code of conduct, no terms and conditions, therefore, you cannot be careful!

You can die just anyhow, anytime, anywhere, by any means; it could be that your cooking gas or stove that will kill you. That your bathroom floor can get too slippery and get you to fall and smash your head. Your ceiling fan could just fall on you. Or it could be you traveling only to have a terrible road accident that killed you, even a sunk boat or ship, and often still a plane crash! A bad news can just kill you, an insect bite could do it, or it could even be eating a toxic substance unknowingly; an unexpected slap, knock or punch, can do the trick. Or you die from a debilitating sickness, a sharp and swift organ failure, old age is there, pregnancy delivery a very active way to die while delivering a new life. And mass killers are very eager: famine, pestilence, wars, infernos, bombs, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, and their likes, ever ready to kill anyone, everyone!

So you can’t be too careful with death, not when everything around you wants to kill you one way or another. And most annoyingly the human body is very fragile, just a little cut blood starts leaking out, making Death’s deal all too easy! And our life is not tied to a specific part of our body, just any affected area can lead to death of the entire body, making it all too difficult to counter and tame death and prolong life. Even more provoking is the urge to stay alive, no one wants to die, even those who practice suicide. All together making life so funny and confusingly serious!

So whether you obey the rules, do the laws, maintain good hygiene, avoid drugs, live well, be wise, be reasonable, none, not even all can be “deathproof”.
Some have decided to live for the moment, live anyhow it pleases them, thinking there’s nothing to this life. “Is this life all there is?” others wonder, do we live to just die? Well, some thank God for God, that the Bible has helped in giving them a purpose to live for and how to live now to live forever in a paradise Earth or Heaven as they put it. Still others are just lost, no belief, no hope, they just find solace in living everyday as it comes, to them, this whole life thing is a big drama. Nonetheless, Life is clever, it survives Death by reproduction, and Death keeps busy soaking and draining each life.

Hence, we Humans can’t be careful with Death, even reckless folks tend to live long, and so-called bad people appears to live longer! That’s why some feel Death is timed, others say it’s random, yet others conclude it’s destined, in all of their concepts Death still heaps a confusion! Giving no lucid comprehension of its curriculum, for it’s unbias and somewhat impartial, poor and rich alike, small and great all die! And no matter how often it happens we can never get used to death! It breaks our fragile emotions and make us cry tears and mourn the loss of loved ones, even with the conscious knowledge that someday, someway, somehow we will die too…

Finally, don’t stop being careful, even if Death cannot be prevented or curbbed, it can be delayed, and you can get to live somewhat longer! No matter our beliefs, we all get to die, so until our last breath let’s live well, let’s love life, let’s not kill people, there are enough elements to kill us all. Stay strong, stay alive!

SirKelvin Joseph

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