I Have An Errand To Send English: Sofiullahi.


I Have An Errand To Send English

Unexpectedly I err my tongue,
While the nose clenches the spectacle_
Of knowledge on a scholar’s nose.
In a room of doubt I fold.
Struggling the inner and outer_
The toes mismanaged Its steps.
Into pieces, like a glass I broke.

In my village, where ‘bàbá báále’
Always rest on his cheeks,
If the man speaks.
All the long and short eyes_
Would be Inviting themselves to watch_
A head who speaks exceptionally like a witch.
“What’s this crimcrun–cramcum and bowwow tabular ohio!”
He says to bábá Báàlé.

The wind blew Into people’s auditory.
For the creature who creates new tongue_
And makes It mandatory.
He used his words to get a crown_
Even my beautiful girl In our_
Village didn’t talk to me again she used to frown.
He has gained weight In people’s mind throughout our town.

He become a creature of nurture.
For being a bilingual and his mixture.
Unwillingly, I found myself In his shoes.
I wore a noise-making shoe of ‘Noam Chomsky’
Like a Parrot, I speak with him fluently.
Please! “I have an errand to send English.”
Why Saxon, Angles, Jutes cannot create_
A full-stop for learning grammatical classes?
Why can’t we stop learning ‘Noun’ now?
Why ‘main verbs’ express actions?
Why ‘Thee and Thy’ cannot be used before ‘William Shakespeare?’
Why Joan ‘Gutenbarg’ printed the first manuscript at ‘Webminster Abbey?’
Why traditional grammar paved ways for the existence of Modern.
Let me stop these rhetorical questions.
For you to solve them like equations.
“Paaaa! ____ I heard a slap that rose me from my bed.
“Cooooo, Come and pick your hoe, let’s go to farm Óojare.”


Abdulwaheed Sofiullahi.
He’s A Litlight Nigeria Ambassador

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