How To Get Over Heartbreak: Judaisky Cares

How To Get Over Heartbreak

Nobody plans for a heartbreak when going into a relationship. Everybody wants an everlasting relationship.
Sadly, heartbreak happens when we least expected it and it hurts to see one’s beloved say goodbye. While it is okay to cry, you can’t stay crying, you’ve got to move on.
If really you want to move on, these are what you need to do before the door of progress is opened ajar.

1. Accept It Has Happened.
Whether you like it or not, it’s a fact. Stop telling your friends to tap you, to wake you up because you don’t believe they left and broke your heart.
The earlier you started dining with reality, the better.

2. Be In Charge.
Missing them is normal but don’t make it a norm or routine as before because to them, you don’t somehow exist so why missing someone you can’t approach and pour out your feelings to again. When you miss them, channel your heart, your thoughts and activities to something lively, just to get your mind off it.
Remember, sometimes, it’s very hard to get rid of it but trust me, it’s possible because when there is a will, there is a way.

3. Communication.
It’s better you somehow avoid them for the maintime, when the scars are very fresh. It hurts, that’s a fact and so, to help you get rid of this pains, scars and hurts, it’s better you avoid them. Avoid any form of communication with them either on social media or physical.
Blocking them isn’t wise enough but you can delete all their love messages, romantic pictures and related things.

4. Keep Yourself Busy.
This is another perfect way or thing you need to do.
If you want to avoid somthing, you do something different from it. Don’t stay alone because the thought will surely come. Even when you are busy with something else, the thought will still pop in like unwanted notification but it’s left for you to ignore it and move on.

5. Don’t Rush Into Another Relationship.
We, especially Nigerians are fond of this. Your heart is broken this month and before next month, you are in the arms of another, claiming you don’t want to be lonely, this and that.
Give yourself break, spend quality time alone. Catch fun to ease the scars in your heart. Make people
Happy but don’t expect the same. Build yourself and learn how to handle your lonely hours.

6. Feel The Pain.
I have seen many people saying they have already known this won’t work. Infact they don’t feel sorry, for breaking people’s heart and vice versa. When your heart is broken, try and feel the hurt. Cry it out if necessary. With that, you are one way or the other relieving yourself of the pain.

7. Lesson.
Every thing in this life falls into two places. Either a lesson or a blessing but here, your heart is broken and so, you can’t really call it a blessing or maybe, it might be a blessing in disguise for you.
Try to recall why the relationship failed, where you did it wrong and why it didn’t work. These will help you build your next relationship well because you have known where you failed before and as a smart and mature being, you wouldn’t want to fall there again.

I so much believe if you call these a priority, you won’t be a flinged away anyhow in your next relationship.

Till I cross your path again-
I hang my pen 🖋


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