This Is Why We Never Forget Our First Love: Judaisky Cares

This Is Why We Never Forget Our First Love: Judaisky Cares

This Is Why We Never Forget Our First Love


Have you ever wondered why you don’t seem to get off your first love?
Have you asked yourself “What’s even special about him/her that I can’t really get off my head?
Its normal. First love is very hard to let go. You may decide not to date them but trust me, you will always love them for one reason or the other which you can’t even trace or explain.
But There is a chemistry controlling this.
These are why you don’t seem to get them off your mind.
1. They are the one that opened your eyes to (true) love.
He/she was the first person that shown and taught your heart how to love before something went wrong.


2. The memory is somewhat like inbuilt. It’s just like you losing your virginity. No matter how you want to ignore the thought, it will just keep coming, only it might not pain you much.

3. Can you forget all the times you were accused wrongly? Remember the humiliation and embarrassment. That’s how first love operates.
Everything you did then were kind of new to you, myself the originality. The kiss, the romance and the likes, especially the way you did them.
The love songs, calls, cuddlings, greeting cards, romantic promises, love poems and all the romantic things you did then always seem unforgettable.

This doesn’t mean you maybe, want them back, Probably you have moved on with someone better than them but the memories will still be there, you can’t beat it..

When the feelings come, don’t stress it, don’t regret or blame yourself for anything, it’s simply normal, that’s if you let them slide.
It’s also a lesson if not a blessing. So don’t be hard on yourself.


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