What If? A short Story By Arewa Pen-Talks



What if I had let them be, maybe for long they would live

I am a cat lover, I admire their fluffy skins.
I’d stand all day staring at their glowing eyes.
I dreamed to have one, I prayed for it; no lies.
On a shinning Sunday noon,
luck smiled at me.
I was just in my friend’s abandoned room I saw three little homeless cute kittens.
Was this real? Could this be true? I thought.
I was filled with happiness, I wanted nothing more
This is an answered prayer, a dream come true.
I couldn’t carry it, I felt my nails could pierce through their bodies and I’d hurt them. So I called home “oh mum! I just saw some cats, tell my brother to bring me a carton” I was filled with excitement.
We took them home, it was very difficult on the first night as they refused to eat or take anything. With time, they began to eat. Their meows brought sensational feelings to our home as they got used to everyone.
They would unstably crawl as they were still little, But all the same, it was fun.
Mum took care of them like they were human babies.
A lot of people that came around that period admired them , some even said
“Oh, could you give out one? So cute ! I’d prefer this to others!”
Just yesterday in the morning one kitten disturbed while I was sweeping; it followed me as I was moving.
I just laughed at its unsteady steps. I finished up and went out, I wasn’t in until late at night.
I got home and I was told that a particular kitten has died!
I couldn’t stop hot tears from rolling down my cheek, I was confused. “How about the others?”
I checked the place were they are, they weren’t active, they were lying unconsciously with slow and heavy breath. I could see pains in their tiny glowing eyes, I was scared for I could see beyond the lying kitten, I saw death gripping their tiny breaths, I trembled in fear! I felt aches deep down within me.
I asked what they ate?
Mum sighed and narrated how she thought they were cold, and how she gave them paracetamol.
Alas! It was poisonous to them, it must have grilled their intestines. Tears unwillingly flew from her eyes as she explained.
She regretted her actions but it wasn’t totally her fault!
I called a friend, he said we should give them palm oil, maybe it would relieve them of the pain.
I ran with my heart in my mouth, I told mum and we fed them with it
But no changes!
I heard them groan in pains, their eyes rose and fell like flickering light and their weak meows could tell me that inside them, there were lots of damages .
I went in and saw my kid sister praying “Oh good Lord, please save our poor kittens” but it was too late!
We went to check again another kitten had died.
The last kitten fought hard for its life, I was in tears as it tries to stand and it fell back to the lying position, I could hear it cry for help, but we had no remedy aside whar we did that didn’t worked out.
I saw my mum gently rubbed its fur, she said his body was getting cold and he has gotten weightless. Mum cried again
Her eyes turned red,
The kitten she has nurtured for weeks died on her palms!

My little sister broke down in tears and I wasn’t left out.
This seemed to be the first time I saw almost everyone in aches because It was one of the most painful occurrences we had ever experienced.
Yes! They were just animals, but they were already part of us.
They were kittens but they would have lived longer.
It was me! It was all me!

What if I had left them to be?
What if I hadn’t been greedy?
What if I hadn’t taken them from their mummy?
What if I had got home early?

Just what if?
I killed them cause of my selfish interest
Now they are all gone, I’m back to square one.
Their lifeless bodies were the outcome of what I had done
I couldn’t totally feel the pain they went through but I’m aware the deed has been done

I miss them truly and our intentions were good, we just wanted them healthy.

Y’all might think I am weird, but I am in pains. I really want to share the story and if they could hear me I’d shout myriads of “I am sorry”!

Arewa pen_Talks

Abdulrahmon Semiat

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