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Pen Vandal 


The power of the mirror symbolizes the power of self – knowledge. Only when we look into the mirror do we discover the truth about ourselves. Fear has made many people not to be tired of the statuesque and how life treats them, they try to play safe and forget that life favours the brave and not cowards. What is the thing about fear that puts many of us down and paralyses our dreams?Fear is a natural human emotion, and it is something that everyone experience in their lifetime. The main thing is how we face it.


Fear can be stout. If it is scheduled into your nervous system, and gives you the endurance proclivity you need to keep yourself safe from harm.

Fear is feeble when it makes you more discreet than you really need to be to stay well, and when it obviate you from doing things you would contrarily enjoy.

A phobia is an aberrant fright of a certain thing or locus. Someone with a phobia can have intense angst when they are exposed to this thing or situation – or sometimes if they just think about it.


The fear of public speaking also called is a fear greater than death for most people. According to psychiatrists, the fear of ostracism, the fear of standing out, the fear of criticism, the fear of ridicule, the fear of being happy (Cherophobia) the fear of being an outcast, the fear of being different, etc have prevented many people from seeking new ways to solve their problems. Many think along with their fears and put them in motion when they want to accomplish greater things.


There are only two fears we were born with, they are fear of falling and fear of loud sound. Other fears are learned and it would take discipline for us to unlearn them or face them boldly. Some of these learned fears can make us depressed, guilty, discouraged, lonely, weary, mentally stressed, sorrowful, afraid of what tomorrow holds and they can even lead one to commit suicide or kill someone.


Many of us are too occupied with these fears that we fail to see the brighter side of life. These fears can be positive forces if we check them properly. We must come to understand that life will continue to hit us hard and soft and we must be prepared for the storms and not only for the good days. If we come to understand who we are? Why we are here? We will have peace to confront our fears and not allow them take the best side of us. The negative side of fear is envy, pride, jealousy, unhealthy greed, selfishness, suicide, scheming evil, etc. If these things occupy our hearts, we won’t live positive lives. Don’t get to a point in your life where you are full of jealousy and envy for other peoples success and you draw a conclusion to hate them and everything they do, because you are afraid of living your own dreams. Fear is a spirit and when it gets hold of us, we forget that we have the spirit of power, love and a sound mind to raise our defense against it. Negative fears stop many of us from living our dreams. When we come to realise who we truly are, that is when we come to understand the soul of the world.


We should learn to confront the voices of fear in us by doing these things.


  • Praying to God to help us when these negative fears come upon us.
  • Exercise regularly (it reduces stress)
  • Eat healthy food, have enough sleep,
  • Reduce or avoid harmful stimulants like alcohol and caffeine.


We must keep fighting it and never allow it make us subscribe to defeat. Fear is an enemy. Fear makes your forget your dream and settle for a dream that is not yours.



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