THE GIANT PEN GROUP DISCUSSION 2 Who Deserves Education The Most: The Male Or Female?




ZIM: I know lots of guys will be prepared for this.. Especially our ladies(Laughs)

Jesutofunmi: Both deserve education. No one needs it more than the other. We all need it. Just like food, you also can’t ask this in relation to food.

Judiasky: (replies to Jesutofunmi) Men eat more than ladies.

Zim: Some ladies are glutton(winkz)

Jaycee: To me, Everyone deserves it. Everybody I mean those who want to. You can’t invest in a security that’s not marketable. So everyone who wants it should get it.

Treasure: Success has no Gender.

Prince Joe: I think people are getting this question wrong, in the sense that: both male and female deserves education, we cannot dispute that fact. But the question says, and I quote, “most” which means, in particular, who deserves better. And still to answer that, both deserves education. It depends on who wants to learn and to become successful in life. Even though in this generation that school is scam( like people do say)

Zim: (replies to Treasure) Education doesn’t determine your success sir/ma..

Pampam Josh: Women Education Ends in Kitchen.

Jaycee: (replies to Pampam Josh) So you want to start shaking table abi? Don’t let us remember you o…

Prince Joe: However, studying Law in school doesn’t mean, I do become lawyer. And to really clarify that question “most” in particular is male( I stand to be corrected) and not with the fact that, I’m male, but then, average female doesn’t wants to read or even go to school. They love business. Just to count money everyday!

Pampam: Let’s leave all this theory
We have been saying since.

And let face the practical

Treasure: (Replies to Zim) Education contribute to success.

Prince Joe: Like they do say, who school epp? I’m not saying males too never wants to at least, enjoy life! Lol. But to female, due to my experience with some female friends, even today, a girl friend of mine said she is tired of school, she just wants to be home. Another one said, no matter how you read, or study, if you won’t graduate, you cannot! It’s not what you write, but what the lecturers sees fits to him/herself to be rewarded a good or bad grade.

Pampam: My friend once say a word that i held unto.

He said “a girl that want to want to be a fore woman, will not do what her mate does(trend)”
Now look at your environs

Even now, you can do that.

Lets start this way

Jaycee: Wow!!! Funny though, not because I’m off the female gender o, I’ve seen lots of women who has passion for education, they crave it like food.

I’ve also seen males who would rather do business than go to school.

This in particular has to do with choice.

Pampam: 1. Check for 20 ladies that “claimed to be married” and have children.
a. Guess their age
b. Where they drop out or graduate
c. Check the percentage out of the 20

Either Education is a key to Success or not, we all are looking for Money, and the Value of Education depends on Individual,
Go down to Primary School and check the classrooms, the most populated are girls
Secondary school, the same and even tertiary institutions, what you find there is the girls highly populated.

Prince Joe: (replies to Treasure) Sure. I concur. But the fact remains that, sometimes going to school doesn’t mean you’d be successful. It depends on how you handle yourself.

Pampam: While doing the first question.

2. 100% of crook and hooligans in your area

a. What percentage are of girls
b. Why do you think they became like that
b2. If you think its “educational problem” why weren’t they sent to school.

Zim: Most of them ain’t opportune to go to school.

Treasure: Attending school is a limelight to success

Everyone has is or her own life to live, whatever you want to do with your life is determined by You and No one else

Pampam: (replies to Treasure) Good point.

Now, how many girls in your area(sorry, NO ABUSE)
Are ready for education?

Yes they go to school o

Judiasky: If ask me, I will say the ladies need it the most because they are taken for granted.
Men think their Education end in kitchen and bedroom so they need it most in other not to be left out.

If they have the same amount of education as of men, they won’t be intimidated and equality will be attained.

If the man feels its the work of the woman to take care of the house and its his responsibility to put food on the table, then they ladies should let them know the aren’t born a maid but a helper.
Remember they also need this educational knowledge to carry out the assignment bestowed on them.

Treasure: ( replies to Pampam) Go and make your research, go to the market, speak English to an illiterate and see the feedback, Corp members will understand this better.
Also, call for an illiterate, and start a conversation with him/her, then wait for the outcome

Zim: (replies to Judiasky) He who comes to equity must come with clean hands o

Prince Joe: (replies to Treasure) We all know that. But not everybody blows at the end!

Treasure: (replies to Prince Joe)

Treasure: (replies to Prince Joe) Your blow in life is Determined by You, not what you Study, but education brings out an element of Success in you.

Pampam: (replies to Treasure) With the rate of unemployment in my area and from my own angle.

Education is just a knowledge you acquire.
Just like those who go for apprenticeship or bible college.

Its only by God’s grace to turn it to wisdom

You are talking small small.

Now element is different from limelight

Treasure: (replies to Pampam) In mine own area, I have so many girls ready to go to school to learn and attain a Cert @least

Prince Joe: (replies to Treasure) Elements of succces? That students can still buy results with just 50k?
A- 50k

So, what are you saying?

Pampam: I’m weak, i swear

Zim: Hmmm…this one hook me o.

Unemployment is now an airborne disease, everywhere!

Education is gonna make you know wide even outside the jurisdiction of your specialization.

Treasure: (replies to Prince) Education goes beyond buying a certificate, compare someone who buys a certificate with someone who went to school to attain a Cert. The story is different

Pampam: The story that is different is just that.

The person that goes to school without pre learning a vocation and even got no job
We know that, He had wasted much time

ObinnaAllwrites: My take on this;
Both gender needs education to effectively and positively comply while discharging their duties.
Education to me plays a vital role in life it may not necessarily be a perimeter to measure success but it helps opening one’s horizon and foresight to easily adapt to life changes.

Today, people clamoring for certificate doesn’t negate the right role of importance education is playing out in turns of life.

Emry: Male deserves education the most✔
Point:-Almost every ladies with strong and valid education, is ruled by pride.
The like to kick against the rampant adage that says”education for ladies later end up in the kitchen” and at interest of killing the say, they try to defend themselves and this often lead to pride.

Barlowh: (replies to Obinna) Why should their education end in the kitchen? If you studied hard for your present career, definitely you would kick against a guy who in the name of love want to relegate you to a cubicle called kitchen…and if that’s pride, I support it…female like their male counterparts also need to pursue their career…

Jasef: (replies to Obinna) in this 21st century ???

almost every lady or what did you just say.. i disagree

Prince Joe: Lol. To be sincere, who still have that time? I’m not saying you cannot, at least, for the sake of love. But then, widen your eyes, only few men can do that!

Emry: As a girl, they have many purpose and duty to carry out…to prevent the stress let least education be referred to ladies

Jasef: wrong points… the same thing that makes lady go proud applies to guys. the only difference between a man and a woman is the fact that she was removed from his rib. every other thing is the same. sorry to quote the bible. but the bible says in his image made he him and her.. she has every other thing a man has and also does her right apply to every other right guy enjoy

Treasure: OK, you work at NNPC, your job demands travelling, your illiterate wife is at home and you enrol a lesson teacher for your kids, and unfortunately, the lesson teacher was not around due to personal issues, how will your wife solve your kids home work, since you’re not at home

Barlowh: (replies to Jasef) She was not removed from any where, that stuff was figurative…

Jasef: women are the best hand when they are literate. a man as a doctor wont care if the patient is dieing once you can pay his bills, he wont attend
but a woman as a doctor will be moved by tears and help.

Treasure: Education is not only limited to the four walls of a classroom

Pampam: How do you even describe your illiteratacy?

Obinna: Let’s take a look at this from another angle…
Many have certificates but we still have Uneducated Literates.
Education goes beyond the walls of any classroom, as it strives to better and define analytically the scopes on life.
Education goes way beyond reading and writing, it stresses the pattern at which life must be lived in order to endear oneself to ecosystems. We must stop dragging this topic to be just a mere subject on reading and writing as educational elementary tools of redefinition.

Emry: (replies to Jasef) I would have go deep into some lesson the bible…agree with me…few of the ladies in the old testament rely on there husband for survival

Pampam: (replies to Treasure) Are you telling me going to secondary school and not going to university.
Is considered illiteracy

Emry: replies to Jasef) The tears shed later leads to uneasiness which may turn the situation upside down

na discussion matter oo…
My own girl must have a very solid formal education ooo

Obinna: Both gender needs formal education to act, adapt and interpret trivial life’s issues more effectively.

The problem on ground is that we’re not facing or interpreting the situations plaguing the country rather we’re meddling on medieval issues.

Education in all ramifications has bettered lives and still bettering live of both genders if it is used as a tool of redefinition and not weapon to fight equality.

Thanks for this

Hey.B: Well, no matter how well argued, it still would be resolved that education is for the two genders.
Even if it’s vocational education, it’s very essential. But honestly, a combo of the two is the best.

Treasure; Male and Female deserve Education, but with that clause the Most, here is my advice
Males; if you are privileged to be the most educated in your environs, avoid Pride, don’t have the mindset if your wife is the most educated, she must eventually end up in the kitchen, you’ve got to Work Hand in Hand, and assist yourself to make yourself a Model to your kids.
Females; if you’re privileged to be educated in your environs or the most educated, avoid Pride, embrace your career with all sense of humility and submissiveness
Everyone deserve to have a career pursuit But with a POSITIVE MINDSET.

Treasure cares

Zim: Well. So far, I appreciate everyone’s parlance on this topic.

Education can’t be robbed. Its very essential, and we all need in one or the other way, it helps sharpen our lives and give a good sense of direction.

Illiteracy is not a good thing because one would be denied of countless things in future.

Seek education at your own pace, know a little about everything, and trust me you’ve earn good respect not ostensibly.

Thank you so much for your time and response.

I am Zim..





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