Types Of Phobia And Explanation

According to Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, Phobia is simply defined as a strong unreasonable fear or hatred of something.


There are many types of phobia. However, let me enumerate only 15. These are:

1. XENOPHOBIA – Fear or dislike of people from other country.
2. CYROPHOBIA – Fear of dogs.
3. AEROPHOBIA – Fear of flying.
4. THANATOPHOBIA – Fear of death.
5. GLOSSOPHOBIA – Fear of public speaking.
6. ENOCHLOPHOBIA – Fear of crowds.
7. TRYPANOPHOBIA – Fear of needle.
8. ANTHROPOPHOBIA – Fear of people.
9. AQUAPHOBIA – Fear of water.
10. XEROPHOBIA – Fear of unknown.
11. VEHOPHOBIA – Fear of driving.
12. HOMOPHOBIA – Fear of homosexual.
13. PHILOPHOBIA – Fear of love.
14. ANDROPHOBIA – Fear of man.
15. GYNOPHOBIA – Fear of woman.

What do you have phobia for and which of the above mentioned phobia is affecting you?
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