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Rises and fall like the sun
Her eyes have never blinked
She has never seen the beauty of the physical world
The sun has set on her time
Set and erred at the time of her birth
What a stray of astray!
I blamed the god’s of vision.

Her name is Colombiana
A girl living in my new neighborhood
I’ve just spent 75 days here when I saw her
On this day, she was outside her house.
Sitting like the princess of Agartha
A conference of children surrounded her.
Towards her, I saw that light
The light that showers the delight…
Upon a girl my pleasant adjectives could not complement.

I sat in between two kids and I also began to listen to her beautiful tale
…’beautiful flowers blooms in the garden, to spread the awesomeness of nature and to the eyes that sees them. This kind of garden is eternal to our beliefs, THE PARADISE.’
She ended her tale and a kid asked, Aunty!
Will God make you see these beautiful flowers in paradise?
She smiled, and says ‘that’s if God wills.’

This got me as I was lost
Unknowingly the kids had gone
To my surprise she was still there
Blind enough not to see me
But she spoke
‘What are you still waiting for?

Then I stood to the gaze-less beauty up in my front
And I said to her
‘I am waiting for you to see me
To see me that I’m black
To see that I’m averagely tall
For you to see that I’m right before you.
And to call upon a kid
To bring a mirror
And place it upon your fore face
To see for yourself how beautiful you are.

Her smile shows how flattered she was
But still shows a sense for me to pity.

After a long conversation with her
I solicited to be her friend
She agreed but warned me to back off

I know within myself
This is a new journey
No sojourn and I made up my f**k*n mind

On each day,
She tells the children their lullaby tales
In the sunset
I tell her the tales of love in the moon
My watering mouth
Utters the sweetness of honey
That could joy her cheeks
And merge it wholly with smiles.

More beautiful days ashore
Freshness of nature
Like we are in the bank of a river

I said to her one night
What I prefer to call her
I’m not much of a talker,
Every day is not for happiness
But when you are sad
And tears comes by
Permit me to taste from the water of your tears.
Cos’ I want to feel what you’ve felt.

Biana! This is my promise to you
No matter who leaves here first (life)
When I die eventually
I promise to find the moon
Bring her back, as we do get it all night.
I promise to bring back the sun
Just to show you the light you never saw
And the rays I saw when I met you at first.

I want to show you everything
Cos’ I’ll be by your side,
When the god’s of vision
Will grant my wishes upon you
And bring back the lost visions of my beloved.

It paved for
Your wish to see beautiful flowers
Blooming in the call of nature in the garden of paradise.
Ka samse! Aksamtu! I swore!


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Author: Judaisky

Judaisky is a young writer who believes the world can only be saved PEACEFULLY through the tidings of the ink cos the pen is mightier than the sword. Do You want to know more about me, contact me 09039956005

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