Greetings my fellow Gaint PENists May I ask this question

Zim: I really want different perspective to how we see sex
What is really sex to you?.

Jaycee: Sex is natural
Mabasa Kenya: Gender
Zim Please kindly elaborate Natural as in, is it a normal thing? (redirecting question to Jaycee)

Mabasa South Africa: Unless of course you’re referring to the intimate in sexual intercourse (a reply to the question redirected to Jaycee)

If God: Sex is a satisfaction for flesh

Man Of Sapience: Sex is an important means of communicating how you feel towards your partner.

Zim: So other ways can’t be communicated. Is sex the best way? (A question for Man Of Sapience)

Mabasa South Africa: Then why do people cheat even if they casually have sex as partners hence its a means of communication (A question for Man Of Sapience)

Man Of Sapience: With sex, you can communicate safety, acceptance,honesty,value, et cetera.

Oluku: please exactly what is been communicated during sex please?

Burka: Love, pleasure

Jaycee: Nooo! I disagree.
There are other means of communication. What of the business ladies? What are they communicating?

Oluku: Am sorry but having sex doesn’t communicate love in any way.

Oluku: Sex is an agreement between two parties of the opposite gender which sometimes leads to reproduction

Inspiration: I disagree
Raping is also a sex and no agreement.

Zim: Are you saying that sex is a condiment for relationship? (A question for Oluku)

Inspiration: But does sex proves love?

Oluku: No please

Inspiration: Then why should two lovers request for it?

Oluku: Actually no party is suppose to demand for sex, it should happen on its own accord

Inspiration: That’s a normal circumstances
But sometimes one of the parties may be horny.

Zim: But they’re always situations one of both wants it when the other is not ready.

I’m trying to see to the word, “not supposed to demand.”

Oluku: If that happens and the other party agrees no problem but it’s shouldn’t be demanded

If God: Do you agree that sex is sold out of the dictionary of love. For examples, The Prostitutes

Oluku: What of those that were raped or virgins ?

There is actually no pleasure there

Burka: But the person that raped would derive his pleasure.

Zim: Is sex before marriage a good thing? Because we youths are confused. Is religious really blindfolding us from enjoying this pleasure at our youthful age?

Coz congi dey hold me oo (winks)

Inspiration: Biblically,it’s bad or wrong

The Priest: Is not a sin and also it’s a sin if you don’t later marry the lady again, you just took the advantage of her but sex before marriage is a sin.

Zim: Hahahaha…not biblical
Then how do you know is no sin?

Oluku: Sex before marriage is bad cause the bed must be undefiled until after your wedding.

Greatsam: Sex before marriage is extremely bad and not biblical.
But its a pity we’re Spoilt already.
We’ll meet in hell without repentance.

Inspiration: Where is it proper to have sex?

If God: In one’s mansion ooo

Zim: Anywhere.

Inspiration: You mean, on the street, at the bay, in working place, church, mosque, shrine?

Zim: You can have sex anywhere if it won’t finger the mind of another. So definitely an hidden place is best.

Burka: If it’s not biblically or Quranically, then it depends on culture to take sex before marriage as a sin but defend it based on your culture

If God: The openness of this world has caused the reason why people are easily distracted into having sex before marriage. In biblical record none of such is found.
Before you own a lady, you would have served the parentd and after then she would be permitted to be yours

Zim: There’s no specific place orchestrate for sex. But what matters is it shouldn’t disturb another fellow. I can have sex in my car if anyone isn’t seeing it.

The Priest: Sex is best in closed place where no one can notice such thing is happening, it’s a secret thing between a man and a lady

Judaisky: Yes, working hard in secret people ut result opened to the public (pregnancy)

The Priest: As a married one, who suppose to be demanding for sex first
Man or woman??

Zim: Whichever is deemfit.

Inspiration: Which type of sex is proper? Hard or soft?
And which one should be given to one’s wife?

Zim: I know of a guy who jacks his wife so hard, but the wife don’t like that. It caused a big problem in their marriage..
But she doesn’t have a choice than to endure if she really want to save and safeguard her marriage.

Inspiration: You can give hard and you wife can only bear soft and also you may only able to give soft and your wife wants hard. So it’s as the spirit leads

The Priest: Hard one my brother, to make her stay with you, if you take her softly, someone out there will do it hard for her

Zim: Bros, men have a lot to say about sex right now.

You see, the way God designed man eh..

Any man that do not like sex has a serious problem.

The first need of a man is sex and not money. He was created to produce, that’s why our sperm don’t dry off. We are very ready! Always at alert. Anytime, anywhere..we can do it!

A woman complained that her husband won’t let her rest. She concluded that her husband is suffering from nympholepsy..

She dragged her husband to Mr Matthew, Mr Matthew is a doctor. She complained that her husband is possessed by a demon called nympholepsy.. Do you know what Mr Matthew, the doctor told the woman? He said! “I have the same demon my dear.”

Burka: Since marriage things are clear to both partners, I think you can talk with your spouse about it, very simple.

Zim: women don’t necessary need to feel urge at all times, but you see men! We’re very and ever ready.
Men want sex, women want affection.
Oluku: I agree with you but the number one need of a man is not sex but RESPECT

Zim: That’s why most of us are actually dating..

To make girls feel loved, while we have our ways in.

Zim: some girls would say, if you wanna have sex with me all your life, then marry me…

Now tell me, is marriage not a scam?

The Priest: scam báwo?

Zim: That’s what some men believe naw..they’d say..I don’t wanna take much responsibility of any lady, just gimme a baby and bluff..

If that is cool enough, all men will do it.

Inspiration: what gives sex pleasure or what makes sex enjoyable?

The Priest: Cooperation

Zim: Connections..You see this our organs ehn…kai. God is good o.

Once the joystick rises, and the lady sees it. There’s a communication between it and the lady’s pot(which brings about wetness)

The moans of a lady helps a guy reach climax fast.

These are what makes it enjoyable.

N/B its not from experience. My biology teacher taught me, lol.

Judaisky: Don’t lie my brother, it’s from experience and I know your position already.

Zim: I thought someone will ask, the benefits of sex.

Let me drop one here.
Sex will make you bury any form of anxiety and make you think faster and smart.
Be careful because once you continue wasting those creams on bedsheets, the healthiest part of it may totally be unrecoverable and it may affect your children’s behavior/or challenged them physically..


Inspiration: Please how can a guy prove to his girlfriend that he is a virgin before sex and also make her believe?

Zim: There’s no how, unless you she respects the God at which you’ll swear by.

Oluku: Wow it’s hard oh but you will know when baba dey fear pregnancy and being timid. Just know he has never do up to four times.

Inspiration: If that’s the case,
Does it need a guy to be virgin, like is it needful for a guy to be a virgin?

Zim: Sure. You sperm will be so healthy.

Inspiration: That’s if there is no masturbation

This discussion is Wonderful Even though some said were wrong and some were right as well. Learn everyday. I will just add that, sex is natural. Why? Not only human sex, forgotten? Animals also does, do they get married before they can do such? Apparently No! But this generation has turned things upside down. Sex is not love, love is not sex. This topic is not a day discussion, it’s a forever one, because we will keep having new things to say. And the issue of sex before marriage, is very much Biblical: 1 John 5:17 (KJV) All unrighteousness is sin: and there is a sin not unto death. So, wait and enjoy yourself after marriage. But it is not compulsory. Not by force. It is choice. If Jesus never appointed His disciples not with force, then, you are please to do whatever you like, that’s if you are outside of Christ and always following the world trend.

Growth is here.
Bless up!

Zim: Thanks for today. I know we’ve learnt one or the other thing about SEX

I remain Zim.



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