How Can You Define The Church? Judaisky Cares


Alone with my thought, seeing what men suffer to abide by the laws and rules of the alters with Bible scriptures as backup.

To make heaven, as heaven minded person, you pay your tithe and offering, giving alms and everything that has to do with giving as instructed or preached by the preacher.
You go hunger to give God because you don’t want to go to hell as said by the preachers.

I don’t have problem with this at all because it’s one way or the other to prepare us for heaven and also store food in the house of the Lord.
I started thinking hard about this when I discovered or felt the church are being used, abused, misused and even exploited.
The church give so that the workers can eat but when you see a member of your congregation suffering because of money and food, you lay your hands on their heads and shower them with prayers, “the Lord will supply” while you feed your dogs with what they yearn for. You lock your gate when they come begging you for a cup of rice or garri.

As if that’s not all, their money you used to build schools, be it primary, secondary or university, aren’t at their reach and แป send their children because they can’t afford the price.
Left to me to judge as a mere mortal, schools built by churches should be made available for church members at a lower and best price.
You make everything high for those that are supposed to be enjoying them. The church deemed it fit to get the preacher a ride because its not good for the man of God to be walking around doing the work of God but when you see those who contributed to buy that car, you refuse to give them a lift, infact, you splash water on them, come down, say your sorry with rotten smile and drive away.

I have been thinking too hard, maybe I am saying rubbish or thinking what I am not supposed to think.
If you need their help financially, you use tithe and offering to threaten them and after they have given their widow’s mite, you prophesy into their lives, leaving them in their predicament.
Some of your members only come to church because of your vocabularies, dramatic or hudibrastic sytle of preaching.
This is just my observation about church and after this, I don’t know how well or best way to define a church aside a Christian house where children of God and heavenly minded people come to prepare their hearts for the last day (rapture).
It’s also a spiritual crib where Christians come together, as worshipers to worship their creator.
But what’s happening this time, I can’t really tell. Or what’s your definition of church?

Till I cross your path again_
I hang my pen ๐Ÿ–‹


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