To call this pathetic is to undermine the gravity of what has been done, to tag it as unfortunate is to euphemise the decaying rotten state of the Nigeria police force. No, I would not even tag them as being police force, these guys are legally enforced armed robbers, abductors and hired killers who prowl around searching for the next big, susceptible prey. When I wrote “All We Saw Were Graves”, I limited the storyline to the terrains of Nigerian students but in truth, these terrorists called cops have denied every single person the true luxury of security and in fact, nowhere is safe over here. Everywhere tastes like a death burrow and I can only wonder who the next victim is.

Just a week back or so, I had a conversation with my brother and friend, William Moore of which he informed me of his imminent return to the country. Not less than 24 hours after he got back to the country from his “lowkey Hajj” in UK, the Nigerian police decided to subject him to a toll of illegal extortion, outrageous imprisonment and extreme infringement of rights.

From what I deduced from Jerry’s post and my not too long phone conversation with William, I’m alarmed that individuals returning from an in-house birthday party were illegally detained by terrorists who claimed to be from the anti kidnap squad. Together with Tey (an indie music producer), William was arrested on the basis of assumed criminality, all in the bid to make scape goats out of an innocent light skinned creative and the latter, a citizen earning from the back of his sweat and chose to have dreadlocks on.

To not even make mention of the molesting shoves and taunting, Williams and Tey spent the worst of times in a cell plagued by mosquitoes, roaches, bugs and unheard flies while the stench of urine and toxics rented the whole space. In that same cell was reportedly another five individuals who were also busted while returning from a party. I want to understand what this terrific show is targeted for, I am at a loss at to the daringness of the forces to trample on a man’s right, keep him a prisoner in his father’s land and even pose death threats at him. These impertinent bastards have just bitten more than they can chew! To cut the long story short, Williams and Tey were to bring five hundred thousand naira lest remain incriminated and possibly, false charges pinned against them. Tro and fro, twenty thousand naira were collected from Will and Tey before they could gain their freedom; leaving the other five guys who had no money there in captivity.

Now, twenty thousand naira. For what? For whom? Under what rule of law? The twenty thousand naira collected from them is the fee they have to pay for being Nigerians or what? Perhaps, Williams and Tey would still be incarcerated if they had no money or refused to budge. Only heaven can tell the number of innocent peeps whose lives are being wasted daily by these smithereens cum killers cum nightmares placed in the best position to enforce safety and stability upon us, still they kill us! Still they shoot us! Still they make us visit our friends in catacombs! Freedom is a fast sinking fallacy, your hairstyle has the potency of getting you behind bars over here. If those who ought to be watchdogs are bulldogs, then who do we run to when the rain comes?

This infuriating trend must not continue, asides from the fact that legal proceedings are already in place to bring these entitled villains to book, we cannot ignore the fact that there are still a thousand more like them in every wide and narrow of this country. We would not be beaten into silence nor shaken into awaiting a Messiah that never comes, enough is enough! Just some months back, I made my outcry against Rotimi Odutona and while the menace of that idiot is still undergoing watches and prunings, another one is up. We have to speak out and get the deserved justice. If they decide not to give us peace, we would ensure that they are unable to face the night also. We would use every power we’ve got to wage war against these self made feared demigods, war has broken out. And every man who has got filth in his sink will not be spared.

Enough is enough. Wipe the damn body called SARS and flush out the infested bullies in the Nigerian police force, once and for all. I repeat, war has broken out and how many roofs would get torched by this fire ain’t predictable yet.

AMYP Yusuf Balogun Gemini,
Lagos, Nigeria.
July 25, 2019.

Tey Chaplin

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