AN OPEN LETTER TO MY MOTHER: AbdWahab Bello Folawiyo

An Open Letter To My Mother

Dear godly mom,

Where to start from is something I’m battling with right now.Yes it makes me quiver … I don’t know how it would be if you could assimilate what I’m writing about you untranslated, but that doesn’t preclude me not to use my pen to write you inside black and white because you have invested in me ,and definitely, I must prove myself to you that I might not be a writer but I can use all what I learned in my life to tell the world who you are.

Mom, you’re such an amazing mama with pretty heart and a beautiful soul, you let me know what perfect is because all things about you is perfect which makes me to tell my friends that if they are imagine what perfect is, they don’t need anything than you.Thinking about my heroine is a natural endowment .A thought of you is a blessing in galore …a story of another pay day

The truth is Mom, I could write a whole lot of novel to describe you. Your sacrifice is more than I could thought humanly, for the happiness of your children. You are the true definition of an amazing mother.I am so blessed to have you in my life. A demigoddess who have no replica i termed you.

I’m still imagining how my life could have been. If I wasn’t born by you to this world, because you are the only creature(being) on this planet earth who knows my weakness and strength. And you never use it as vantage to copy other mothers around .You are a living legend to many living souls . Your impact in the lives of needy, orphan cannot be bury.They’re there for the blind to see, for the dumb to hear . Glory be to God,you’re my own wura

You once told me that,I’m very stubborn . Anytime I look untroubled . You felt depressed and worried that something must have happened which makes me realize how passionate you’re about me.Because, most of my friends in school used to complain I’m too playful and stubborn.

I must convince you here,that you are the most important person in my life. You will always be there, you’ve made that clear. I want to make you proud. I hope I make you proud. You have given me not only life, but a life to live happily . You raised seven beautiful and intelligent children. You are a warrior; my idol of strength and resilience. You have pushed and challenged me to dream big and never let anyone or anything cease me. I wouldn’t be half the man I am today, if it weren’t for you. For you ,I bow…

I intentionally put you in this magazine just to make other to know who you are and how glee I’m to have you in my life. You walked out of the work of life. You carry my burden just to relieve my stress. You took the bullet for me which could have killed my dream. You support my dreaming spirit. Thank you is not enough to repay your well-done job.Please live longer and hang in there. I promise to make you proud one day .May your hard labour be favour soon.May your strivings of many decades be bless sooner .May you live in peace ,love and harmony to reap the fruits of your favour labour . Amen
I love you mom !
You’re my wura who truly deserved my digi .

Love you forever Ma

AbdWahab Bello Folawiyo

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