Chronicles Of The Heart III: Symon Saich

Chronicles of the heart III

I don’t know how it came to be,
that I love someone like you,
Or you to love someone like me.
I know you’re out of reality,
An angel sent from above,
But my love for you is true.

I know that you were just a dream,
But now you’re dream come true
I’ll forever to true to you.
But you put my life out of glum,
Darkness and glee
And in my heart there is you.

Looking for love is like chasing rainbows,
Beneath the pale blue sky.
But i found you above the brown ground
So beautiful yet so magical you’re just like the rainbow
Every man’s dream and desire
Let the heavens and earth know,
That you’re mine to love cherish and treasure till eternity
I’ll never let you go.

I tried so hard to keep this feeling,
Cause loving you completes me.
You already caught me but everyday you pull me deeper and deeper
A feeling out of this world, i wanna feel forever
I just hope pray & believe it will not reach an ending,
We stand together forever for a life without you,
will lead me to tragedy.
I love you.

Symon Saich

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Author: Judaisky

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