THE GIANT PEN ANTHOLOGY 190: Children Are The Future



Show them the light
To fight what’s right.
They are the heirs of tomorrow_
The antagonistic forces of sorrow.
Give them voice_
Give them tone and choice.
Never belittle what they can
For the boy is the father of the man.



Only them we have to nurture
Because they are the future
And the leaders of tomorrow,
How great they will be nobody knows
Let’s give them love and care
Let’s value them and call them “dear”
Let’s teach them;they need to learn
How to be bold and confident.



Oh! my great Nation,
Listen to my petition.
Our fathers are old
Please let them fold
Children are our hope
Give them the strength to cope
Plant in them good seeds
That they may germinate as good breeds

Capital D


Give the children right
Because their future is bright
For the love of humanity
Make them to lived in Liberty
Children are the key to our nation
They are the flash light of our education
Show them the world
Leave them with their words.



Children are the future, but not in here
“For the future is bearded,” said a seer
“Grey haired and three legged with two in the grave.”
The future’s a coward who’s never brave
Children are the future, that’s somewhere else
Where a he thinks of them and not himself
Children are the future, no they are not
They are a bright light, the future is not.

Badmus Aze Leon


The beautiful loneliness that featured our childhood,
The midnight cry that sent mum to a sober mood,
The little dishes and cutleries that served our food,
The lashes of _koboko_ that greeted our butts when rude,
All cooperated in making us good.
Now it’s our turn to show our kids the same,
The comfort and firmness that make a balanced home,
It’ll pay off, they’ll remember and be glad.

©God’s Peculiar Blessing


Born and raised today
To lead and serve another day
They are the ones to show us the way
We need not lead them astray
See there’s a tomorrow to live for
Let them be moulded to face the war
See there’s a lot still for them to know
Let us prepare them for the future is unknown



Give them those opportunities,
Watch them grow with possibilities.
The light for a purpose
A strong virtue to pose
With the right support,
They’ll bring forward a good report
Never to forget,
They’ll lead tomorrow without regret.

©Frank O.


A new child of today
A result of yesterday
They are here already
Are you also ready?
Build, mould, and invest in them
Sing to them success as anthem
Pat and guide them from sorrow
For they are the leaders of tomorrow

Abdulazeez Abdullah Abayomi


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