I need no wealth, am contended with the least
Am not a parasite, worry not that a disease I will cause
All I need is that love, hospitality, mercy
I don’t force love but it comes begging for my attention
I am always impressed by the warm embrace that many welcome me with

So you claim there is equality
Is it that all the sick go to the hospital,
That differ in the service provided?
Is it that all children go to schools,
That differ with the availability of facilities?
Is it that all the people have shelter,
That differ in quality and level of hygiene?
Is it that all the people have food,
That differ in quality and quantity?
Tell me, explain to me the meaning of EQUALITY

I heard them say that they elected leaders
Jubilation is an understatement of the scene I witnessed
They thought a Joshua, God had raised to take them to the land, ‘promised’
But now their faces show anguish
Their skins are pale and cracking
Their eyes are sinking
Their organs no longer see the reason for forming
For of no function they are
No more energy flow in their body
EQUALITY, isn’t it?

I know no leader, but from description they might be having two hearts
How can a single one pump all that blood
Maybe two to three digestive systems
But if only one then there lacks not a hospital to repair the damaged one
I need to see these famous leaders

It sounds weird but let my heart speak
It is only northern Kenya and few other counties you allow me to stay
But I need to explore
I know am not human
But I need to greet great famous people, leaders and the president too
I am tired of isolation
If these people have no words to voice their pain
Then let me save myself
Why force me on people that are dying
I still need survival
I am not saprophytic, on dead matter I can’t survive
Why not feed them so that my mind you can change
Why not act your words

Maybe i should feed from the fat bellies
Maybe I should explore
Maybe I should stop being confined in Turkana
Maybe I should get a position in the government
Maybe, I too should choose fame
Or maybe I should leave to spare you the pain
I know a devil I am
For I steal your happiness, I kill your body and spirit, I destroy your health
But I cannot take my leave, not just now
Maybe you give it a try forcing me out
Care, mercy, love, selflessness, fulfilling promises
Above all, upholding EQUALITY is all you need
To make me surrender
Time waits for no man they say
So as it fades my strength is what am working on

I am your worst enemy
Your worst nightmare


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Judaisky is a young writer who believes the world can only be saved PEACEFULLY through the tidings of the ink cos the pen is mightier than the sword.
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