Farewell to my brother (As he journeyed the world alone) Abdul Ganiu Ajibola Bello (Crying Pen)

Farewell to my brother (As he journeyed the world alone)

As the day was birthed
To graced the light
I saw two eyes blinking at me
Beckoning me to come

To come and ear some words
So, stood did I
Longing for gossips
Behold it was my little brother

Amidst some lede
Amidst his own balls
Lashing tongues at him
Just like a dog wagging it’s tail

I was encaged in dilemma
For he was the hope I see in the future
He was the light at the end of
Our tunnel

He was cowered in tears
As he ranted to me
Oh! Brother
This house no longer homes me anymore
This house has been soiled with my wails and tears

Brother, let me go
Said he
Let me journey into the world
All I need is your prayer
For even you can’t stop me

I sighed
Tears rolled down my sockets
For I knew I’ve failed my wings
And I’ve failed my brother

I was too entangled with life
Not knowing my brother was lost to it’s whirlwind

I said
Brother, it’s not mine to choose
I can only advise
It’s your life to choose

Oh! Brother,
Go into into the world
Even if you get lost
Leave a print
That you may be found
Leave a trail
That I may follow

May the spirits of our wings guide you

© Abdul Ganiu Ajibola Bello (Crying Pen)

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Mahmud Sufiyan also known as TaekPoet in the literary world. He is a writer of short stories, a poet, haiku Lover and martial artist.



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