Nigeria!!! My drama filled country.
Nigerians!!! My wonderful people with diverse languages. Why have we refuse to ‘think outside the box’ for once? The same set of people in APC are actually the same set of people in PDP now, why? Because those are the two ‘ powerful parties’ we have and thanks to the so called ‘Godfatherism’.

I don’t want to go way back to history at all but would summarize all points.

Before APC came into power, PDP was the ruling party and we complained about not achieving anything and decided to make APC our ruling party. Yet, now we ain’t satisfied with the result it produced, we are now running back to PDP. So tell me, are we only concerned about the two ‘powerful parties’? What I see is just the same set of people in APC and PDP confusing Nigerians. They are political bigots, devourers, and cankerworms of our resources.

We have like 75 parties running for this same Presidential sit and what majority of Nigerians can see is APC and PDP especially youths.

Yes youths. When the ‘not too young to run’ bill was signed, we were all jubilating, pointing out that we were tired of old set of politician in power. So youths, were we just happy that the bill is now a law on the paper or we want to make use of this opportunity?

I won’t be surprised if either of the ‘powerful parties’ come into control and scrap the ‘not too young to run’ law out. I guess then, our eyes will be opened just because we have been promised youth involvement in government.

Lots of promises had been made by the ‘powerful parties’ from times past but nothing worked, yet they express themselves as experienced politicians only chances in political parties worked for them.

Youths, don’t let us be patronized, let’s make use of this opportunity in our favour. The ‘ not too young to run’ law ain’t meant to decorate the papers. Let’s take actions.

Our leaders(old folks) have tried, let’s also try out ourselves (youths). We are young, we are smart, we are powerful. Let’s make use of our brain now because the next opportunity might be in the next four (4) years.

NB: This write up ain’t meant to campaign for anybody but to allow us sit and shake this table.

I hope I have communicated.
Thank you as you read and share this write up.

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Author: Judaisky

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