THE HEART ON A RUN(dilemma downed at dawn) A Poem Written By Judaisky

THE HEART ON A RUN(dilemma downed at dawn)

It’s the hand writing of perplexity
In the center of jejune Virgin heart.
The rolling eyes in countryside_
Is lost in the clan of gentlemen.
The boiling sandy land is in question_
For the nature of sun is colored.

Then riddles consume the heart_
And spread its tent in the hollow
Of a naked mind.
When truth reincarnates_
And the new face is phased.
Thence the nature of simplicity
Is advised to abdicate_
For the reign of mirage and obscurity.

Whirlwind blows to the eyes
And gaga the sight of the innocent.
Then tortoise emerges_
With friendly smile, to remove fluff floss. Leaving behind, a trace of scruple cynicism_
And takes the good will of man_
The heart is jinxed.

When truth travels to unknown land
To revive or teach_
And the people fear it’s efficacy.
When truth and untruth combat
To gain the heart of man_
Dilemma sets in_
To take the better part of us.

Who lives in a plain land?
With nothing to fight in heart.
Who is saved of the roaring perplexity?
Come teach the clan the way_
For it has dig deep where it’s not welcomed.
I stand at bay watching_
Learning the language of my ink_
Learning how to handle my pen.


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Judaisky is a young writer who believes the world can only be saved PEACEFULLY through the tidings of the ink cos the pen is mightier than the sword.
Do You want to know more about me, contact me 09039956005



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