When people plead with me to give them free that which people pay some price to get, I always tell them, I will know if you really need it.


Truly, they might come appearing as if they need it, but do not have the means, you only need to tell them the price demanded, that which you know they can pay and you will see their desires drain. It is then you will know they do not need what they asked for.


The truth is that no one is ready for a thing until they are ready to pay the price demanded.

Only your parents will give you what you pay no price for, and if you want to remain that way, you will never grow or achieve anything significant in life.


Life itself will never give you anything free. If you demand anything of life, you must know the price demanded and pay it, then you will get it.


Williams David Odunayo is one of those few guys I have met that I can say is going great places, because he understands what it means to pay the price to get what he wants.


Since he heard about #SOSAD, he has shown great desire and I can feel the aura from distance away.


I thought his desire will die, but even after the money was increased, he was still willing to pay the price demanded. I have never seen anyone more determined.


He did not have the money, he did not have a good phone, yet he kept to his decision to be a part of it and kept telling people about it.


He told me that he had to ask his father for the money. Mind you, he is not also on whatsapp, yet he’s going to take part in the course.


Desires backed by faith pushes limitations aside.

Some would have given up because they don’t have the cash, but he did not.


He knew money is a scare resources and will not always be available so he looked for it and got it for the purpose for which he wanted it.


When people, especially students tell me they don’t have money to register, so they won’t register, all I see is lack of desire.


If your parents can give you money to subscribe to internet, do you think they will refuse to give you money to register for an online course that will make you a better person? Did you ask?


I slashed the price to 3k from 10, 000, just to enable him pay, since I already saw his desire, although I did not tell him and now, he has paid.


This means I have no reason to leave it at 3k anymore, but I will stand by my words to let it last till 1st of January.


Will you pay the price demanded and get what you want?


If your self-discovery and development does not matter to you, then what else should?


And in case you think this is not real, remember that if you don’t buy lies, you will never buy truth.


Your destiny is now in your own hands.

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Author: Judaisky

Judaisky is a young writer who believes the world can only be saved PEACEFULLY through the tidings of the ink cos the pen is mightier than the sword. Do You want to know more about me, contact me 09039956005

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