(Phase one)

My pastor professed and I heard
Love would never yawn for help_
Like the sting of an ant’s penis, he said.
Painting my mind aloof deep faces I tell
My testimony of burnt insides
Cudgeling and swindling me like a walking woman’s backside.

How long must raged angels grow the inside of wait-men
Broken heart is not the song that befits me
Neither is it the cure from what I earn
I pronounced my verdict on what to be
But there’s a truth from the altar
Which cannot but be altered.


My heart was like a broken mirror
As my reflection stares back with pains,
Each time I looked into it, my inner mind feels anger
With a distorted face in pieces
And with a shattered heart,
Leaving my soul soulless in the soil apart.

Each time I looked into the broken mirror; A fallen tears
As I’ve lost myself deeply in the broken mirror,
Disillusioned with myself, with nobody cares
Captured in the deep shattered mirror,
I’ve lost me in the broken mirror with sadness
Was I drunk in love with blindness?


My precious heart grins and shines,
As the Sun titter at me each day apart,
The dove dance around the skies,
My soul sings “Love is never apart”.
I wrong-side-out my head up and all I saw was the Misty day,
Oh, what a smashing dream I thought as I pray.

A trauma on my heart and I bow in pain,
My heart broken as I suss out my heart in tears,
Gone just like that, oh my dearest but not astray?
My broken mirror sings but the pains tears,
Adjourning love for the broken heart?
Maybe one day you will back in my arms.



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Author: TaekPoet

Mahmud Sufiyan also known as TaekPoet in the literary world. He is a writer of short stories, a poet and Taekwondist.

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