The pride that lucks in the hearts of some people, nowadays, there is no measuring it. In fact, they are so proud to the extent that they never know that there is a more humble way to think.

Sometimes, these pride is as a result of the foolishness in the hearts of the proud ones. It is rather foolishness and not naivety because, when a person becomes naive to the extent that he or she allows himself or herself to become manipulated to the wrong direction of thoughts, without particularly trying to question it, even when it does not entirely seem right to them, then, their actions are more of foolishness than innocence or naivety.

Some people however, do sense at some point that there might be better ways to reason than their lofty minds, but, would nonetheless choose the path of their proud thoughts, while, all along neglecting to admit that their thoughts are proud. For one reason or the other, some of these guys just happen to think that once they have their lives secure, then they are fine and so, whatever their actions are to others, they do not much care.

This does not necessarily mean that these ones wish anyone bad, in fact, some proud ones are seemingly innocent in their thoughts to the extent that they call their actions, self esteem. Forgetting to realize that, excessive self esteem is what is actually called pride.

And the terrible thing about some of these ones who have clinched to the gospel of self esteem is that, they do not realize that there is only a thin line between a healthy self esteem and pride. Now, a healthy self esteem is good, but, that thin line that separates it from pride is what her fanatics cross without particularly realizing it.


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Author: Judaisky

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