The first session of SOSAD was greater than expected; it produced great students, whose lives have been changed for the better as a result of the course.
Below are some of the testimonies from our students.

_“It was indeed a great privilege to be a part of the program._
_I am speechless because no word is enough to describe how amazing and beneficial it was. All I will say is that I am heartily grateful to my great teacher and mentor, Soul’e Rhymez. SOSAD was indeed an impetus for getting my life back on track”._ Rukayyah Abdurrahman, Graduate of Psychology, University of Ilorin.

_“SOSAD was a source of great help to me. It helped me discover my strengths and weaknesses, and also how my mind works. I also learned that I can make impact in my society, even without attending the University. I learned a lot of things that I have never heard before, and may not learn in ten years in any University in the world. As a result of registering for SOSAD, I can now help, not only myself, but also others, in solving certain psychological issues.”_ – Esther Williams, Undergraduate, Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu.

_“I learned in SOSAD – a three weeks online course, what I have not being taught in my years in the University. SOSAD has enhanced my thinking faculty and has changed my perspective about a lot of things. I really appreciate all the members and staff of the institution.”_ – Adebiyi Ebenezer Dare, Undergraduate, Federal University of Technology, Akure.

_I’ve seen and read a lot of the coach’s works on platforms and when I heard about SOSAD, I immediately decided to go for it. I do not regret taking part in it, it was worth more than the price required to be a part of it. However, out of the so much I learned from the class, the greatest of all was the unique exegeses, and practical teachings on faith._
_I am grateful to Coach Soul ‘e Rhymez, for adding values to this generation. Do ensure you grab a seat for the upcoming class. You will only understand this more, when you experience it._ – *Peace Ebube Akinseye, Undergraduate of Guidance and counseling, Adeyemi College of education, Ondo State.

_“It was a rare privilege to participate in SOSAD. It has really exposed me to so many things I never knew about myself; it has changed a lot of things like my personality, thinking faculty and perspective from negative to positive. Undergoing this course is a major achievement to me. It is definitely one of the best decisions I have made. More grace to the institution.”_ – Joseph Justina, Undergraduate, Kogi State University.

_In my quest for knowledge, I registered for SOSAD, and I got more than what I bargained for._
_All the topics have a way of getting into the heart and erase every wrong mentality and give you a ready to learn mindset and set you on the right track. Before I registered for the course, I did not see myself forgiving some people in my life, but now I have been made to see reason why I have to forgive them and I am slowly letting it go and I’m finding my joy once more. You can’t register for SOSAD and remain the same except you aren’t learning with all your heart._ *- Olumuyiwa Temitope, Undergraduate of Accounting, Lagos State Polytechnic, Ikorodu.

Do You have issues Understanding who you really are and what your life is all about?
Do You Have so much passion for something and you do not know how to work with it?
Do you want to know your weaknesses and turn them to your strong points?
Do you want to know and work with your hidden strengths, and potentials?
Will you like to be a great leader in your calling?
Will you like to have a smooth-sailing relationship with your lover and also everyone around you?

If your answer is yes to all the questions, then you need to register for the session of SOSAD.

Registration is ongoing, and it is just *#10, 000.* However, if you pay before January 1st, 2019, you will get 70% discount. This means you will have to pay just *#3, 000* instead of *#10, 000.*

To enjoy this discount kindly call Stephen on 08163800077 to make your payment.
You can also join our Facebook Group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/schooloflifeacademy/

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